Category: Terrain

  • 3d printing a train

    3d printing a train

    Follow the process as I take a computer model and turn it into a playable piece of terrain. The first part of a long project, an Iron Kingdoms railyard.

  • Tanker Container from Tinker House Games

    Tanker Container from Tinker House Games

    I made a video showing how I assembled Tinker Turf Tanker Containers. Have a look!

  • Salvage Cart

    Salvage Cart

    The main cart is an obstruction that blocks Line of Site (LOS) to small based models. The main cart provides cover, as obstructions do. The handles/yoke don’t provide cover, or block LOS, but they are obstacles.

  • Crystalline Crater

    Crystalline Crater

    This project was another learning project. It was my second time trying the static grass applicator. Everyone who says step up and buy the AC adapter is correct. I tried both the 9v battery and the adapter, and the adapter easily wins.

  • Basing models with Woodland Scenics Turf

    Basing models with Woodland Scenics Turf

    How to base a ton of models using a mix of Woodland Scenics turf. Quick and dirty, this method will yield interesting basing in a uniform style.

  • Test Piece – Forgotten Power Junction

    Test Piece – Forgotten Power Junction

    Today, I’m building a forgotten power junction belonging to the Convergence of Cyriss. In my head, this power junction was important to the cult of Cyriss prior to the Infernal invasion, or the Claiming, as it’s referred to in the Iron Kingdom RPG. Not every cell knew where every hidden asset was, so it seems…

  • Industrial Vats, Part 2

    Industrial Vats, Part 2

    To recap, I cut up a container, turned it into three acid vats with glowing lights to make them look awesome. Now, it’s time to add bits to make it look like a functioning chemical storage facility.

  • Industrial Vats

    Industrial Vats

    I don’t know why, but the big tank took the longest to set up. It did have the advantage of not needing a second pour. I think the paint that I added slowed down the setup. Check out those swirls.

  • Ponds


    Read on, as I make noob errors. Laugh, as my water effects overflow the pond banks. Recoil in shock from the War Wagon wheel used as a tire swing. Water you waiting for?

  • Forest Redo

    Forest Redo

    This is an attempt to replace some worn bases for my dense forests. For those who don’t know, forests in Warmachine/Hordes are passable, but slow your models’ movement. The trees aren’t interactive; they merely mark the base as a forest. You could have one, two, or a dozen trees in the forest base, and you…

  • Hills Turned into Quicksand

    Hills Turned into Quicksand

    Quicksand: In Steamroller, it’s a hazardous, rough terrain element, which removes pathfinder and deals a point of damage if you’re knocked over. But how should it be modelled?

  • Hills Turned to Craters

    Hills Turned to Craters

    I have a significant number of hills in my terrain collection, because they were easy to construct, fun to make, and I tried as best as I could to make the slope gradual enough to keep models from falling over. Now, with hills being removed from the game, I have a number of unusable terrain…

  • Stone Building Tests

    Stone Building Tests

    Finally, I printed out some wanted posters and made some recruiting posters to see how it would look. I borrowed game art for the posters. The wanted posters are mostly the ones from Oblivion, and the recruiting posters use some really awesome Privateer Press artwork.

  • Trenches


    I’m not super sold on the right way to do walls for trenches, or even if they need walls. They look good in some photos, but always get thrown aside during the game. They too often get mistaken for actual walls, and if they’re built too tall, fall down. After a few years of playing…

  • Cryx Industrial Shack

    Cryx Industrial Shack

    Another attempt at upcycling, this model takes a plastic mold from an X-Wing game’s model. I dig some parts of that game, but their packaging is a nightmare.

  • A Small Mine

    A Small Mine

    Throwback Terrain from 2016. Here’s another throwback from 2016. It’s a mine I made during a narrative event. The idea is that a these mine openings allow troop movement between other openings. Wooden base & Foam structure The whole things starts with an irregular wooden base, cut and to form. Foam blocks glued up around…

  • Cup Tray Boulder Buildings

    Cup Tray Boulder Buildings

    Terrain Throwbacks A few years ago, when I was forced to revamp this blog, I lost some of the terrain articles and whatnot. Recently, I stumbled on an archive of those pictures, so I’ve decided to upload them in case anyone wants to replicate what I’ve done. Upcycling (or, really, just recycling) Upcycling is pretty…