Cryx Industrial Shack

Throwback Terrain

Cryxian industrial buildings scream ooze and necromancy to me. Back in 2016, I made a building out of upcycled packaging materials for X-Wing models. Looking back, there are a few things I would do differently, but overall, I think it’s a good piece and enjoy seeing it on my table now and then.


Another attempt at upcycling, this model takes a plastic mold from an X-Wing game’s model. I dig some parts of that game, but their packaging is a nightmare. I also had some spackle lying around because of a home repair I had to make.

A piece of scrap wood, 1/4″ thick, a thick boba tea straw, some plastic from a baggie, cardboard, popsicle sticks, and Woodland Scenic water effects came together for this one.

Building and Crater

The first steps were to glue the building (just the plastic box) to the board, and make a spackle crater. The edges of the building pulled inward after priming. The plastic appears to be a little more pliable than I had imagined.

The Roof

The flat roof works in a sci-fi setting, but my Cryx building needed something that would look a little older. Cardboard, ripped in half, and painted like aged copper, would look like a corrugated copper roof.

The Spill

First Pouring

The first pouring of the Woodland Scenics water went well. The liquid didn’t spill out over the edges of the spackle, but a clear liquid over the painted bottom didn’t look gross enough for me.

Greens and yellows mixed in with some soap for bubbles made the pond look more sickly.

Glue and plaster made for more of a seal along the edges of the pond and the building. A string of plastic made for a flowing drip.

Piping and Roof Paint

The roof got a layer of copper, then a stain of green and rusty brown to make it look dilapidated.

Final detail work

A wooden door and quick coat of paint on the pipe and housing, then some simple flocking finishes the model.

Cryx forces might be at work