A Small Mine

Throwback Terrain from 2016.

Here’s another throwback from 2016. It’s a mine I made during a narrative event. The idea is that a these mine openings allow troop movement between other openings.

Wooden base & Foam structure

The whole things starts with an irregular wooden base, cut and to form. Foam blocks glued up around an arch from Woodland Scenics makes it look like the thing is in a small hill or butte. The structure can disappear into a forest, or into a mountain.


A quick spray of black, then grey and brown make earthy tones. Glue followed by green flocking for grass. This was one of my early pieces, so I hadn’t tried mixing flocking yet. The gravel works around the opening, but the grass is very thick and uniform. If I touch this one up later, I’ll add something to the flocking, and maybe add some color variations. I like the tree structure, but would add some color to the plastic, and do some dark undertones to the leaves.

Something else I would do differently, is the base. I should have tapered the base down to flatten the entrance. Not bad for 5 years ago.