Tanker Container from Tinker House Games

A long while ago, when I was thinking of playing Infinity and later Warcaster, I picked up a Kick Starter for Tinker Turf. It’s a line of terrain made by Tinker House Games. Their Sci-Fi line Kick Starter came with a bunch of things, and one of those things included a Tanker Container, two Crate Containers, and some boxes to go in the Crate Containers.

I put them together, and I recorded my work. Here’s the video.


It’s good stuff – the terrain, not necessarily the video. I like the instructions – they’re easy enough to follow. It’s an interesting material they’re using. It’s like the kind of board you’d see some game boards made from. In long sheets, it’s bendable, but stacked and glued, it’s strong. I don’t think I’ll have any issues putting minis on the models.

It is lightweight. That means it’s easy to pack and carry, but also might tip over when you don’t want it to. I thought about placing magnets in the models, but I worry about my magnetized miniatures pulling the terrain with them when moving.


I think if I were to do it again, I’d add weights to the inside tanker container’s tank. Perhaps I could still add weights to the bottom of the container. There’s a nice gap. I don’t know yet if it’s used by the mag-lev kit or anything for interfacing. I guess I’ll figure it out.

Learning – Or, my mistakes add character!

Figuring out how to clamp everything to make it work wasn’t too hard. The instructions have directions. There were some pieces that they didn’t illustrate a clamping solution, so I improvised. In hindsight, I should have tackled the crates before I hit the tanker. Its roundness posed some extra issues.

I did have to go back and reglue some things. However, the second tanker container turned out much better. Although, I did lose a part, and had to make do with a different bit. I think it looks cool though.

The curved roof on the second tanker container also worked better than the first. I installed it while everything was still pliable, and put rubber bands around the whole thing without a separator. The first container (the one filmed) didn’t set right, and the roof pops out a little.

Video making

This still seems harder than it should be. I have a Go Pro which is awesome, especially at taking time lapse video. The little digital job I bought seems like a crappy knock-off. Gee, thanks Amazon. The reviews lied.

Editing is the real time consumer. I can knock out a written article in an hour. Banging out a 20-minute video seems to take all day. Hopefully, time will be reduced as proficiency is gained.

Thanks for reading

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