Test Piece – Forgotten Power Junction

What are we going to do today?

Today, I’m building a forgotten power junction belonging to the Convergence of Cyriss. In my head, this power junction was important to the cult of Cyriss prior to the Infernal invasion, or the Claiming, as it’s referred to in the Iron Kingdom RPG. Not every cell knew where every hidden asset was, so it seems to reason that there are a few of these forgotten resources hidden in mountains, valleys, or in deep, dark forests.

Upcycling… again

Turning garbage into things seems to be a great way to go about making terrain. I’ve got a bit of packaging material that looks like a perfect fit for some sort of glowing cylinder. The cylinder chosen is an old gatorade bottle.

Garbage plastic with no point. They could have used something biodegradable, but…
Every time I see these, I see crazy sci-fi things…

Cut that thing up

A couple slices with a knife chops the bottle up into usable pieces. The bottle fits a couple of 40mm proxy bases, so glue and a couple clamps go to work! The whole bottle fits inside the packaging material.

Circles in cylinders. Yay!
Perfect fit. Sort of.

Paint and such

An unused plank of plywood makes for a base. Grey primer covers the whole thing. At first, I was thinking of leaving the slots clear, because lights inside would look cool. But for this one, they’re going to be opaque. Primarily, because I couldn’t get the plastic to line up the right way. A straw makes for a cool pipe, and a laser etched Cyriss symbol makes for a nice logo.


Shrubbery grows all around the power station, and there’s a tree growing from the inside of the structure. The power station still functions, and despite the rust, the energy pulses inside draw the occasional autonomous vector (Cyriss warjack).


I dig it. This little project has me thinking. Maybe I’ll redo my Convergence army so they look forgotten, to go along with the theme of this project. Maybe my Convergence army is trying to blend in with normal folks. Do they wear disguises? I have to do some thinking, and maybe in a few months, the Convergence of Cyriss will make a return to my table.