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  • Convergence in March

    Convergence in March

    Casters that depend on layering and have precise order of activation can be a disadvantage. Their timing means you have to get it right every time. Casters with lots of tools can cause decision paralysis, which isn’t good on a short clock either.

  • Diffuser – Convergence of Cyriss Vector

    Diffuser – Convergence of Cyriss Vector

    Who doesn’t want extended charge threat and free focus? For five points, the little Diffuser is a force multiplier. With a boosted attack roll, its Homing Ripspike might be able to score a hit and let the whole army charge an extra two inches. Other vectors, the Convergene name for their warjacks, get to charge…

  • Test Piece – Forgotten Power Junction

    Test Piece – Forgotten Power Junction

    Today, I’m building a forgotten power junction belonging to the Convergence of Cyriss. In my head, this power junction was important to the cult of Cyriss prior to the Infernal invasion, or the Claiming, as it’s referred to in the Iron Kingdom RPG. Not every cell knew where every hidden asset was, so it seems…