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  • The Kara Sloan dilemma

    The Kara Sloan dilemma

    Hi! It’s Tom again. Today I’m exploring Kara Sloan in Infernals. What makes her good, great, or downright awful?

  • Agathon’s first Steamroller

    Agathon’s first Steamroller

    I thought I had the assassination run down, but now I’ve picked up some new tricks. Additionally, I’m reading my cards, and thinking that maybe Agathon isn’t a one trick pony after all.

  • Learning the Agathon Assassination

    Learning the Agathon Assassination

    The first two games were rough. Agathon couldn’t seem to gain any souls, due to the high number of warjacks and lack of souls. In the first game, the horrors seemed to die easily to the Toros. In the second game, I tried the colossal to see if it could survive a little better than…

  • Crystalline Crater

    Crystalline Crater

    This project was another learning project. It was my second time trying the static grass applicator. Everyone who says step up and buy the AC adapter is correct. I tried both the 9v battery and the adapter, and the adapter easily wins.

  • Infernals – Making the Switch

    Infernals – Making the Switch

    Switching to Infernals! Well, that’s hard to read. I won’t be doing any crazy infernal fonts or colors here; that’s for certain! I will be playing a new faction for a while. I’ve just picked up a mostly painted collection of Infernals, painted by one of our local pro painters in Tucson. The models are…

  • Cheat Sheets

    Cheat Sheets

    Having something that outlines your turn process and options available so you don’t forget something required makes good sense. You could laminate the sheet, or put it in a page protector to check off steps as you go. Eventually, the control and maintenance phases will be rote, and you won’t need a sheet. It’s helpful…

  • Revisiting Borka 2

    Revisiting Borka 2

    Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws is actually very cool. He doesn’t have a lot of spells to cast, but he doesn’t want them. He’d rather smash things.

  • Locke vs Stryker

    Locke vs Stryker

    My point here is this: Warmachine has lots of older models that are still playable in today’s meta. I never felt disadvantaged because of bad models at any given time during the game. I think the people who say that the old models aren’t playable need to give these units a chance.

  • Painting the Hearthgut Hooch Hauler

    Painting the Hearthgut Hooch Hauler

    I thought I had posted this walkthrough of my Hooch Hauler being painted, but I guess I forgot!

  • The Problematic Highwaymen

    The Problematic Highwaymen

    The main problem lies in pushing the Highwaymen through enemy lines. To benefit from backstab, they must remain within 9 inches of Braylen. Most people try to keep Braylen with the unit, but she often falls prey to an AOE or some singular attack to remove her threat from the table.

  • Defeating the Kolgrima Storm of the North Bear/Champion build

    Defeating the Kolgrima Storm of the North Bear/Champion build

    Kolgrima’s strategy is to delay the advance of the opposing army, and to allow her army to strike first. She plays aggressively, screening in the early turns, but launching into a full assault when in range.

  • Kolgrima vs Bennet

    Kolgrima vs Bennet

    I’ve been messing with Storm of the North with Borka 1 and Borka 2, and a few other warlocks. Dessa finally picked up Bennet for Crucible Guard, and she’s been tearing it up with Rocketmen. A few days ago, I brought out the Mountain King, and she promptly destroyed it with a bunch of Rocketmen.…

  • Madrak’s yearly constitutional

    Madrak’s yearly constitutional

    For the last tournament I played, I dropped three cabers (one per unit) and reduced the Krielstone to a minimum, in order to add Boomhowler the Destroyer. The battlegroup changed as well. A full grown bomber is added, in place of the Pyre Troll, and the Earthborn takes the place of the Brawler for a…

  • Captain Gunnbjorn and Six Impalers vs Queen Skarre

    Captain Gunnbjorn and Six Impalers vs Queen Skarre

    I’m convinced that assassination is usually a trap. On the games where I ignore assassination as a win condition, I don’t clock myself. I also tend to score more points, as I’m more concerned with that spread.

  • Vulcan conversion (adding treads)

    Vulcan conversion (adding treads)

    The challenge of doing a tank tread for this colossal excites me, and the end result should be cool. Having unique versions of Warmachine models tends to generate interest in the game, because a conversion done well just looks awesome on the table.

  • Kitbashing Boomhowler 3

    Kitbashing Boomhowler 3

    Would you attempt a kitbash? Would you allow it as a tournament organizer or judge?

  • Trolls into Dwarves, Brawlmachine

    Trolls into Dwarves, Brawlmachine

    About a month ago, I had my first game in public. That’s right, outside the house, in an actual local game shop. After two long plague-years, I felt a little apprehensive about returning to playing in public. To be honest, I still feel a little weirded out. I’m okay losing the mask, as long as…

  • Moonshiners of the Apocalypse

    Moonshiners of the Apocalypse

    The way this works, is there are 7 days before this balloon comes to collect the person with the most gold. That person gets to buy their way out of the plague infested mid-west America to a much better, plague-free zone like Mexico or Canada. Sounds to me like there should be a sequel in…

  • Ragnor vs Syvestro at 75 points

    Ragnor vs Syvestro at 75 points

    Crucible Guard can’t do much to the trolls when they have to drop a die of damage, even if they gain an extra two to their effective POW with the Vindicators. Syvestro, for his part, slinks behind his Vindicator, trying to evade the Mauler.

  • Caine 2 Gun Mages vs Syvestro Rocketmen at 25 points

    Caine 2 Gun Mages vs Syvestro Rocketmen at 25 points

    Allister Caine meets his match. Will he assassinate the caster hiding in the impenetrable haze, or will the mad alchemist be Caine’s undoing?