Revamping the Entire Site.

For the last three years or so, I’ve been blogging about my favorite games and projects.  I intend to continue writing about games, and the hobby in general.  I’ve been unhappy with the look and structure of the site for some time now, and am restructuring the entire thing to facilitate…

Disgruntled wargamer Logo

Opening the Disgruntled Wargamer Store.

While playing at various stores in my area, I’ve been asked where I picked up the tools and terrain I’ve been using.  To the surprise of many, my measuring sticks and widgets were made with my own laser cutter.  Terrain is something I’ve had a passion for, and most of what I play on is made by me.

Time to share it with the world

So when asked “How can I get some terrain/tools like that?” my response is usually “You have to make it yourself.”  But that isn’t cool, so usually I end up making it for someone and they buy me lunch or something.  They seem to enjoy the pieces and I’ve gotten referred to others to make things for their tables.  Why not share with more people?  Why not have more free lunches?

An Entire Line of Affordable, Playable Terrain

I’ve discovered some new processes, found some resources, and am ready to turn this hobby into a business.  Stick with me, the Disgruntled Wargamer, and I’ll show you affordable, attractive, playable terrain and tools for your game.  Visit the store (which should be fully functional come 1 June, 2018) for a list of products and services.  Tell your friends.  Share on Facebook.  Buy stuff.  Get stuff for free.  And most of all, enhance your wargaming experience.