Kolgrima vs Bennet

I’ve been messing with Storm of the North with Borka 1 and Borka 2, and a few other warlocks. Dessa finally picked up Bennet for Crucible Guard, and she’s been tearing it up with Rocketmen. A few days ago, I brought out the Mountain King, and she promptly destroyed it with a bunch of Rocketmen. One rounded it. Awful.

Moments before getting slaughtered.

Because I’ve been hit so hard lately by ranged armies, I’m finally giving in, and making a Kolgrima list. Even if the ranged army can ignore clouds, her feat stops them for at least one turn, so she’s a very strong answer into the ranged lists. She also has a lot of cross-over in other ways. I’ll play a few games with her before I write down a full analysis.

The Lists

Trollbloods – Storm of the North

  • Kolgrima Stonetruth +28
    • Trollkin Runebearer (0)
    • Pyre Troll (8)
    • Pyre Troll (8)
    • Earthborn Dire Troll (12)
  • Bumbles (6)
  • Trollkin Champion Hero (0)
  • Boomhowler, the Destroyer (8)
  • Fell Caller Hero (0)
  • Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes, Max (7)
    • Northkin Elder (3)
  • Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears (10)
  • Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears (10)
  • Trollkin Champions, Max (16)
    • Skaldi Bonehammer (3)
  • Northkin Fire Eaters (6)
  • Northkin Fire Eaters (6)

Crucible Guard – Magnum Opus

  • Major Aline Bennet +28
    • Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc (0)
    • Vindicator (15)
    • Suppressor (13)
  • Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter (0)
  • Ascendant Mentalist (0)
  • Crucible Guard Rocketmen, Max (15)
    • Captain (4)
    • Gunner (2)
    • Gunner (2)
    • Gunner (2)
  • Crucible Guard Rocketmen, Max (15)
    • Captain (4)
    • Gunner (2)
    • Gunner (2)
    • Gunner (2)
  • Crucible Guard Rocketmen, Min (9)
    • Captain (4)
    • Gunner (2)
    • Gunner (2)
  • Containment Operatives (8)

Trollbloods are running a straightforward Kolgrima list. She’s going to have at least one of the bear units ambush, push fire eaters out to be lit if they stand near the Earthborn Dire Troll, and funnel everything toward the Champions.

Bennet is running a ton of Rocketmen, with Containment Operatives available to repair warjacks from a distance.

The Game

Deployment & Turn 1

Trollbloods go first, deploying centrally. One unit of bears and Bumbles sit on the sidelines, waiting to ambush. The scenario has an objective sitting just inside the bear threat, provided Kolgrima or the Runebearer hits the objective with Hunter’s Mark.

Crucible Guard deploys heavily lopsided, to their right. Their intent is to flood the circle zone with the Rocketmen. If they get killed, a second unit is ready to retaliate.

Trolls take the center of the table. The Fire Eaters take a stroll through the burning crater. They don’t have Pathfinder, so they get slowed down due to craters being rough terrain. The warbeasts rile and run, everything else runs, except the Krielstone. It walks, awakens, and then hoofs it at the end of the turn.

The CG army runs, mostly. Bennet gets out some spells, with help from Alyce.

Turn 2

Crucible guard advanced pretty far last turn, and they went all defensive. As a reply, the champions charge the rocketmen, knocking down a few, and Kolgrima drops some clouds around them to help against the certain slaughter. The rocketmen won’t be able to charge through one of the clouds, and the champions sitting in the cloud are purposely getting left out to die. Fire eaters here want to join in, but don’t have the threat, due to rough terrain. Rather than let the Fire Eaters work, the Fell Caller sings to Kolgrima, so she can walk up and cast Hunter’s Mark on the Suppressor. A pyre troll is able to get the drop on Alyce, who Hulks out.

I like the trade. The 10-point bears vs a 13-point jack is totally worth it. The bears might totally die next turn, but it’s still a good trade. It’s doubly so, because Crucible doesn’t have a solo nearby their flag (the Riot Quest portal). It looks like trolls are poised to capture a point for their flag, while Crucible Guard tries to clear a zone.

We’re playing on the clock, and Trolls have 28 minutes remaining. Crucible Guard starts their turn with 48 minutes. The rocketmen tear through the bears, clearing them from the Vindicator. The Vindicator takes a shot on the champions. Bennet clears the smoke with a spell. The blue rocketmen take advantage of Raid, and they charge the champions.

Turn 3

Trolls 28 minutes & 1 point vs Crucible Guard 31 minutes & 0 points.

Kolgrima gets bold. She survives being on fire, from the hazardous burning crater, and puts Hunter’s Mark on the objective. She also hits the blue rocketmen with Cursed Fate before feating, pushing back the entire Crucible Guard army and switching off their guns. I suppose she forgot she was on fire still, and let it keep burning, rather than turn it off with the pyre troll’s animus. The bears charge in from the side, and smash the objective. The fire eaters and champions clear the zone. Nothing seems able to stop the troll rush.

Trolls 5 minutes & 4 points vs Crucible Guard 31 minutes & 0 points.

Bennet feats. She now has a minimum unit of fliers, and a solo. The captain is dangerous, because she has brutal damage on the bomb, and Bennet fires off Raid and Downrange. She’s unable to do any work herself, but her reinforcements menace Kolgrima. The assassination threat seems legit.

Almost every shot hits, or lands nearby. Kolgrima transfers the heavy hits, and ends with two boxes. Crucible Guard doesn’t score, but manages to contest the troll flag, and fills into the circular zone to prevent trolls from gaining.

Turn 4

Trolls 5 minutes & 4 points vs Crucible Guard 13 minutes & 0 points.

Trolls have to solve for burning things first. The six fire eaters, and Kolgrima check themselves. “Am I on fire?” Kolgrima asks. Fire eaters shrug their shoulders. They take some damage, killing at least one fire eater, forcing tough checks on two. Kolgrima burns. She takes enough damage to kill her, and she does not roll tough. She dies, giving the win to Crucible Guard.


Dessa found this so funny, she could barely stand up. A hilarious end to the game. For those counting, that’s two wins for her in a row vs me. One vs the Mountain King, and this one. Yay Dessa!


Truly, this is the best part of playing games with your best friend for life. The laughing, the silliness, the stopping the clock because of reasons ranging everywhere from potty breaks to making snacks, to just laughing your butt off at something stupid. This is why I play Warmachine.