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  • Basing models with Woodland Scenics Turf

    Basing models with Woodland Scenics Turf

    How to base a ton of models using a mix of Woodland Scenics turf. Quick and dirty, this method will yield interesting basing in a uniform style.

  • Trencher Blockhouse

    Trencher Blockhouse

    The trenchers in this bunker know a thing or two, because they’ve seen a thing or two. No, they’re not farmers, they’re combat vets. They’re hardened by battle and certain that wearing bright blue and sparkly brass will get them killed out there.

  • Trollbloods vs Ranged Armies

    Trollbloods vs Ranged Armies

    Picture this. You finally painted up all your gargantuan warbeasts, and build a list that’s sure to hit hard and terrorize your opponent. Instead of shivering in their shoes, they drop a ranged army that blows away one of your kings before you’re able to reach the center of the table. Two more turns, and…

  • War Wagon Conversion

    War Wagon Conversion

    Converting the war wagon into a more special war wagon.

  • Stryker 1  Sons of the Tempest vs Locke 1 Prima Materia, 75 points

    Stryker 1 Sons of the Tempest vs Locke 1 Prima Materia, 75 points

    Locke faces down Ol’ Rowdy. Will she survive?

  • Borka 1 vs Locke 1 in the Screaming Woods

    Borka 1 vs Locke 1 in the Screaming Woods

    Screaming Mushrooms are Obstructions. They cause an effect similar to Deafen to all models foolish enough to approach. Other than that, the Screaming Mushrooms are harmless. They howl and yell, as if they are in constant pain. Their volume makes hearing orders difficult, and disorients those who are close.

  • Borka 1 vs Locke 1

    Borka 1 vs Locke 1

    Locke won’t tolerate failure. The Vindicator in the trench shoots Rok, weakening him. Her Toro pulls itself off the ground and charges Rok, killing the dire troll. Meanwhile, the other Toro rips apart the battle bears. The other Vindicator tries to hit the Scout, but the nimble warrior manages to duck under the mace. The…

  • Building for Borka 1 in 2022

    Building for Borka 1 in 2022

    Borka will have 7 FURY every turn, unless his Keg Carrier dies, or if he somehow ends up out of range for a top off. Potentially, Borka could have 9 fury points during his activation. Yes, 9 points. How?

  • Test Piece – Forgotten Power Junction

    Test Piece – Forgotten Power Junction

    Today, I’m building a forgotten power junction belonging to the Convergence of Cyriss. In my head, this power junction was important to the cult of Cyriss prior to the Infernal invasion, or the Claiming, as it’s referred to in the Iron Kingdom RPG. Not every cell knew where every hidden asset was, so it seems…

  • Syvestro vs Agathia, 25 points

    Syvestro vs Agathia, 25 points

    The acid pit I made a couple weeks ago is being played as an obstruction. It’s the easiest way to deal with it, although a game where the acid pool and walkways are playable might be interesting. With both of us still learning our lists, I think we both felt we didn’t need the distraction.

  • Scenic Steamroller

    Scenic Steamroller

    What if you could play a Steamroller variant that threw out circle and rectangle zones, flags, and objectives? What if your army fought for terrain elements instead? Find out how a Steamroller works when the table becomes the scenario!

  • Butcher vs Agathia

    Butcher vs Agathia

    Butcher and the war dog have blood in their eyes, leaving the flag unclaimed. Would this thirst for blood be their undoing?

  • Industrial Vats, Part 2

    Industrial Vats, Part 2

    To recap, I cut up a container, turned it into three acid vats with glowing lights to make them look awesome. Now, it’s time to add bits to make it look like a functioning chemical storage facility.

  • Industrial Vats

    Industrial Vats

    I don’t know why, but the big tank took the longest to set up. It did have the advantage of not needing a second pour. I think the paint that I added slowed down the setup. Check out those swirls.

  • Ponds


    Read on, as I make noob errors. Laugh, as my water effects overflow the pond banks. Recoil in shock from the War Wagon wheel used as a tire swing. Water you waiting for?

  • Forest Redo

    Forest Redo

    This is an attempt to replace some worn bases for my dense forests. For those who don’t know, forests in Warmachine/Hordes are passable, but slow your models’ movement. The trees aren’t interactive; they merely mark the base as a forest. You could have one, two, or a dozen trees in the forest base, and you…

  • Hills Turned into Quicksand

    Hills Turned into Quicksand

    Quicksand: In Steamroller, it’s a hazardous, rough terrain element, which removes pathfinder and deals a point of damage if you’re knocked over. But how should it be modelled?

  • Hills Turned to Craters

    Hills Turned to Craters

    I have a significant number of hills in my terrain collection, because they were easy to construct, fun to make, and I tried as best as I could to make the slope gradual enough to keep models from falling over. Now, with hills being removed from the game, I have a number of unusable terrain…

  • Stone Building Tests

    Stone Building Tests

    Finally, I printed out some wanted posters and made some recruiting posters to see how it would look. I borrowed game art for the posters. The wanted posters are mostly the ones from Oblivion, and the recruiting posters use some really awesome Privateer Press artwork.

  • Judicator


    Somebody on facebook asked the WMH painting group when they’d do the next huge based model challenge, and I said I would paint a Judicator, and he should paint his model for July.