Infernals – Making the Switch

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Switching to Infernals!

Well, that’s hard to read. I won’t be doing any crazy infernal fonts or colors here; that’s for certain! I will be playing a new faction for a while. I’ve just picked up a mostly painted collection of Infernals, painted by one of our local pro painters in Tucson. The models are amazing, and the paintjobs are awesome.

What a difference!

These are not Trollbloods. They don’t look like trolls, feel like trolls, or play like trolls. Infernals don’t generally have knock down capability. They aren’t as tough, lacking big armor, and having very few hitboxes, they die quickly. The Tormenter does have grab and smash, so they could throw, but their strength is never going to match that of an angry mauler.

What are their strengths?

As far as hit fixers, Zaateroth can hit warriors with Black Spot, or might get lucky with Stygian Abyss and critically blind one. Omodamos can throw Synergy out for his battlegroup, but it takes hits to ensure other models also hit. Agathon has no hit fixers, but can drop armor. At first glance, it looks like boosting to hit is going to be happening often.

We do have Alain Runewood, who offers a Curse ability. He can choose a model or unit up to 10 inches away, and horrors will gain a +2 to attack rolls against that model or unit. I do think Runewood is probably going to be an auto-include, and the plan should be to keep him around long enough to use his Curse at least once.

The Infernals are really strong into living models. Lamenter has Soul Parasites as a defensive ability and Critical Paralysis for a random hit fixer. Tormenters have snacking for an RFP, and there are a lot of other abilities that keep warriors worried.

Which Infernal Master for me?

I’m going to devote the next few months to Agathon. I like the big control area, at 18 inches. The Voice in the Darkness appears to have lots of spell slinging capability, a big personal threat, and provides some help for his army on the offensive side.

The control area and high Essence number is something that will be refreshing, having played Borka 2 at Fury 5 repeatedly. Regna has as much fury as some of the warlocks I’ve been playing, and it’s pretty apparent that she’s going to have an actual impact on the game. Regna’s probably going to be even more useful than a Cygnar junior warcaster, who just casts one spell then hangs out in the back for the rest of the game. She has a good spell for the beginning of the game (Deflection), and then can cause trouble using a Foreboder.

I am super excited to use Foreboders… arcnodes are something I always reach for when I play Cygnar, and having them for cheap seems super fun. Agathon is obviously going to want some of these.

What’s the plan now?

I’m going to try out a few Agathon builds against Dessa to learn the models. Then, I’ll take the master to the store for a quick fight with a Menoth player. We’ll see how it all plays out, and maybe make some changes over the weekend, then keep working the bugs out until I get quick on activations. Eventually, I’ll take Agathon to a tournament for a bunch of games, and maybe pair the spellslinger up with a bunch of Khador heavy armor, or an angry Feora.

Stay tuned for a brain dump in a couple of weeks.