Category: Conversions

  • Pyg Tanks (Remastered)

    Pyg Tanks (Remastered)

    With the purchase of a new tank body, I would use the extra treads to transform the two pyg tanks into a Bonaparte from Dominion Tank Police.

  • Vulcan conversion (adding treads)

    Vulcan conversion (adding treads)

    The challenge of doing a tank tread for this colossal excites me, and the end result should be cool. Having unique versions of Warmachine models tends to generate interest in the game, because a conversion done well just looks awesome on the table.

  • Kitbashing Boomhowler 3

    Kitbashing Boomhowler 3

    Would you attempt a kitbash? Would you allow it as a tournament organizer or judge?

  • Trencher Blockhouse

    Trencher Blockhouse

    The trenchers in this bunker know a thing or two, because they’ve seen a thing or two. No, they’re not farmers, they’re combat vets. They’re hardened by battle and certain that wearing bright blue and sparkly brass will get them killed out there.

  • War Wagon Conversion

    War Wagon Conversion

    Converting the war wagon into a more special war wagon.

  • Prospero


    A few things bugged me about Prospero. Firstly, he is a real pain in the thumb to put together. Legs won’t stay put, body is too heavy, and being metal makes drilling for pins difficult. Secondly, where in the world is his gun? It clearly states he has a ranged weapon on his card, but…

  • Thumper and Pummeler Crews

    Thumper and Pummeler Crews

    I’m really happy how the not-Gunnbjorn crew worked out.

  • Pyg tanks

    Pyg tanks

    I figured that the pygs who ran off with this tank got lucky and managed to plug a warjack, then gutted the head to use as a cover, seeing as how theirs was damaged during the fight.

  • Converting Ironclads into Toros

    Converting Ironclads into Toros

    Why on Earth? After purchasing the Crucible Guard box set, I found myself in possession of two heavy warjacks – the Suppressor and Vindicator.  I quickly purchased three heavy kits, and found myself with some decisions.  Should I magnetize, or build a specific jack with each kit?  I decided to build specific jacks.  Magnetizing is…