Thumper and Pummeler Crews

I bought a couple of these kits a long time ago, intending to build one each, just so I could have them. At the time, I never really planned on playing the models, especially not one of each, and absolutely not max faction allowance (2 each).

The first pummeler crew isn’t anything special. I built it without directions, so may have gotten confused as to which grunt parts should have gone with the gun. The orientation of the gun, wooden braces and blast shield also seemed finicky, and I may have place them oddly.

The Thumper Crew had similar issues. I remember getting annoyed at the wheels, and leaving them canted. This gives the illusion of a heavy cannon barely being supported by the axle.

I later ended up with a third kit, I think I won it as a door prize or something. While I didn’t have enough for a fourth unit, I could kit bash some Fennblades and an extra Gunnbjorn 1 model into the fourth gun.

The kit-bashed pummeler includes two Fennblades. One holds a ball, with the whelp covering its ears on his shoulder. The other has dropped his sword for a keg of powder, and he’s sporting some rather fetching shoulder pads from a Menite. I meant to put them on upside down as an insult to the Menites, but it looked awkward. The wheels on the cannon are from the Vulcan, I think.

I’m really happy how the not-Gunnbjorn crew worked out. The head replacement had me worried, but the collar hides the seem well enough. The crazy part on this one was the carry handles. Instead of the normal wooden bits, I used a pad and antlers from a circle heavy warbeast kit.

I am pretty happy with how these guys turned out. If I ever play a 200 point game, they’ll certainly hit the table. Until then, who knows?