Pyg Tanks (Remastered)

A long time ago, my War Wagons and Pyg Tanks found themselves smashed to bits against a kitchen wall. The wagons eventually recovered, but the two tanks (yellow and blue) just couldn’t pull themselves together. LOL. The blue tank body went behind something, somewhere, and couldn’t be located. The yellow lost most of its treads, and extra bits. The bases were cracked. I couldn’t decide what to do, but I knew I didn’t want to repeat something I had already done.


When I did my initial pyg tank project, I intended to do something different with L&T in order to make the model stand out. I had a memory of a rather silly anime tank in my head, but someone quickly beat me to the punch. Still, it lingered. Nothing happened to L&T, so they’ll still maintain their more typical tank appearance. With the purchase of a new tank body, I would use the extra treads to transform the two pyg tanks into a Bonaparte from Dominion Tank Police.

The work

The pyg tank treads vary in composition, it appears. Really, they feel the same, and cut the same, and probably are the same, chemically. Who cares? They’ll be covered with primer in a few days.

The new tank body has more details than my old one. When I added the foam underbody, I had to cut away the boiler parts and some of the undercarriage. I cleaned up yellow as much as I could.

One reason I’m glad Privateer Press is moving to the resin 3D print style of manufacture, is that the stupid flash, lines, and oversized supports will no longer be a thing. These experiments in manufacturing were awful. Snip it in just the right way, and you could shatter the item you were trying to detach from the sprue. I have a few rocketmen who are missing legs or arms. They’ve been given prosthetics, because I didn’t want to wait for replacements, and because I figured it was part of learning the new material. I must have learned something, because everything was alright after I trimmed off the sprue.

The overall job is rough, and honestly, I could have put more time into it. I cover some of the major flaws on yellow with some powder/beer kegs.

I’m satisfied with how the other one will look. I just cranked it up and set some bits under it to give it something to grab some air off.


I had to go on a trip, and I really wanted these done. So, I’m passing the models over to Dessa for painting. She’ll brush prime, most likely, and match the yellow on one, and do something equally cool on the other. If she doesn’t add mud and grass, I’ll do that afterward.

Done for now

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for updates. Good luck in your games.