A few things bugged me about Prospero. Firstly, he is a real pain in the thumb to put together. Legs won’t stay put, body is too heavy, and being metal makes drilling for pins difficult. Secondly, where in the world is his gun? It clearly states he has a ranged weapon on his card, but where is it on his body?

Doo dee doo dee doo, I got no guns on me!

My Prospero gets an upgraded body, and an actual cannon from which to shoot. If I were his brother, it’s what I would have full metal alchemized him into!

The body is the frame from a Cygnar Lancer light warjack. Legs secured to it with a little pin. Arms secured to the Lancer’s huge shoulders. Prospero’s head fits perfectly inside the place where the Lancer’s head would go. Now, up on top, Prospero’s steam pipe fit into the normal steam pipe’s position. I don’t know what I cobbled the gun from; just a bunch of bits that seemed to fit together adorn the top of his frame.

To finish, Prospero gets the same camo job the rest of the Crucible Guard get in my world. I thought about doing the winter thing to it, but decided he hadn’t time to apply the snow wash before battle.