August 2021 – Disgruntled Wargamer

August 2021

Hills Turned to Craters

I have a significant number of hills in my terrain collection, because they were easy to construct, fun to make, and I tried as best as I could to make the slope gradual enough to keep models from falling over. Now, with hills being removed from the game, I have a number of unusable terrain pieces.

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Stone Building Tests

Finally, I printed out some wanted posters and made some recruiting posters to see how it would look. I borrowed game art for the posters. The wanted posters are mostly the ones from Oblivion, and the recruiting posters use some really awesome Privateer Press artwork.

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Somebody on facebook asked the WMH painting group when they’d do the next huge based model challenge, and I said I would paint a Judicator, and he should paint his model for July.

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I’m not super sold on the right way to do walls for trenches, or even if they need walls. They look good in some photos, but always get thrown aside during the game. They too often get mistaken for actual walls, and if they’re built too tall, fall down. After a few years of playing with these, they have turned most of them into just plain walls.

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