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  • Exploring Convergence – Frustum Locus

    In the spirit of learning one model at a time , I’m diving into the Frustrum Locus. I’ve just started testing the model, and playing a few games at low point values to see how it feels. Why low point games? A low point game has a lot of advantages when learning about a game,…

  • Why Steamroller needs corner deployment scenarios: an analysis of Black Tide Scenario 8 (Crossroads)

    Why Steamroller needs corner deployment scenarios: an analysis of Black Tide Scenario 8 (Crossroads)

    Let’s try something new. How about split corner deployment?

  • Retaliatory Strike

    Retaliatory Strike

    Trollkin Champions are great with Retaliatory Strike. While a 2-inch reach with Retaliatory Strike is definitely better than a 1-inch reach, the ability isn’t reduced to worthlessness on a 1-inch model.

  • United Kriels Madrak Steamroller 202307

    United Kriels Madrak Steamroller 202307

    Hey, this is Tom. I haven’t had as much time for hobbies as I’ve wanted lately, but our local game store was having a Steamroller tournament, and I was able to make time to play last weekend. While I was on travel for work, the new United Kriels army released in the Warmachine App. I…

  • Convergence in March

    Convergence in March

    Casters that depend on layering and have precise order of activation can be a disadvantage. Their timing means you have to get it right every time. Casters with lots of tools can cause decision paralysis, which isn’t good on a short clock either.

  • Diffuser – Convergence of Cyriss Vector

    Diffuser – Convergence of Cyriss Vector

    Who doesn’t want extended charge threat and free focus? For five points, the little Diffuser is a force multiplier. With a boosted attack roll, its Homing Ripspike might be able to score a hit and let the whole army charge an extra two inches. Other vectors, the Convergene name for their warjacks, get to charge…

  • Admonition and unit charges

    Admonition and unit charges

    I’ve been seeing this pop up lately. There is absolutely an interaction between unit movement and charges. Let me break it down.

  • Mk4 Infernals vs Cygnar First Army 2023-01-26

    Mk4 Infernals vs Cygnar First Army 2023-01-26

    Sun Tzu said: These six are the principles connected with Earth. The general who has attained a responsible post must be careful to study them. With regard to PRECIPITOUS HEIGHTS, if you are beforehand with your adversary, you should occupy the raised and sunny spots, and there wait for him to come up.

  • Isle of Games Steamroller October 2022

    Isle of Games Steamroller October 2022

    Each of these games was a pleasure to play. Every one had a moment where one or both of us were pushed to try something a little risky. Sometimes it paid off, and other times it didn’t.

  • Isle of Games Steamroller 2022-09

    Isle of Games Steamroller 2022-09

    The first list is Madrak 3 with Fennblades. The idea is to look at whether Fennblades or Northkin are better with Madrak 3. I’ve had lots of success with Northkin Raiders and Kriel Warriors. In my old Band of Heroes lists, I ran Champions and Fennblades, or Fennblades and Long Riders, but not usually Fennblades…

  • Locke vs Sloan

    Locke vs Sloan

    During the Fourth of July weekend, Dessa and I played a game and recorded it with the Go Pro. The video is up on Youtube. This is a summary of the battle, even though you can also watch it ion Youtube.

  • The Kara Sloan dilemma

    The Kara Sloan dilemma

    Hi! It’s Tom again. Today I’m exploring Kara Sloan in Infernals. What makes her good, great, or downright awful?

  • Agathon’s first Steamroller

    Agathon’s first Steamroller

    I thought I had the assassination run down, but now I’ve picked up some new tricks. Additionally, I’m reading my cards, and thinking that maybe Agathon isn’t a one trick pony after all.

  • Learning the Agathon Assassination

    Learning the Agathon Assassination

    The first two games were rough. Agathon couldn’t seem to gain any souls, due to the high number of warjacks and lack of souls. In the first game, the horrors seemed to die easily to the Toros. In the second game, I tried the colossal to see if it could survive a little better than…

  • Infernals – Making the Switch

    Infernals – Making the Switch

    Switching to Infernals! Well, that’s hard to read. I won’t be doing any crazy infernal fonts or colors here; that’s for certain! I will be playing a new faction for a while. I’ve just picked up a mostly painted collection of Infernals, painted by one of our local pro painters in Tucson. The models are…

  • Cheat Sheets

    Cheat Sheets

    Having something that outlines your turn process and options available so you don’t forget something required makes good sense. You could laminate the sheet, or put it in a page protector to check off steps as you go. Eventually, the control and maintenance phases will be rote, and you won’t need a sheet. It’s helpful…

  • Revisiting Borka 2

    Revisiting Borka 2

    Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws is actually very cool. He doesn’t have a lot of spells to cast, but he doesn’t want them. He’d rather smash things.

  • Locke vs Stryker

    Locke vs Stryker

    My point here is this: Warmachine has lots of older models that are still playable in today’s meta. I never felt disadvantaged because of bad models at any given time during the game. I think the people who say that the old models aren’t playable need to give these units a chance.

  • The Problematic Highwaymen

    The Problematic Highwaymen

    The main problem lies in pushing the Highwaymen through enemy lines. To benefit from backstab, they must remain within 9 inches of Braylen. Most people try to keep Braylen with the unit, but she often falls prey to an AOE or some singular attack to remove her threat from the table.

  • Defeating the Kolgrima Storm of the North Bear/Champion build

    Defeating the Kolgrima Storm of the North Bear/Champion build

    Kolgrima’s strategy is to delay the advance of the opposing army, and to allow her army to strike first. She plays aggressively, screening in the early turns, but launching into a full assault when in range.