Syvestro vs Agathia, 25 points

This was a quick game of Brawlmachine at the house, using some of the terrain we’ve been building over the past few months. I’m playing Syvestro because my wife just painted him up, and she’s playing her banes for the same reason.


Crucible Guard, Magnum Opus

  • Aurum Adeptus Syvestro
    • Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc
    • Suppressor
    • Vindicator
  • Crucible Guard Rocketmen (max)
    • Crucible Guard Rocketman Captain
    • Rocketman Gunner
  • Rocketman Ace

Cryx, Dark Host

  • Bane Witch Agathia
    • Skarlock Thrall
    • Slayer
    • Reaper
    • Deathripper
  • Gorman the Mad
  • Bane Riders

Setup – Scenario 5: Syzgy

I always set the terrain up first. The acid pit I made a couple weeks ago is being played as an obstruction. It’s the easiest way to deal with it, although a game where the acid pool and walkways are playable might be interesting. With both of us still learning our lists, I think we both felt we didn’t need the distraction.

The scenario pulls everyone central, and although the terrain has pieces that might slow down most armies, neither the Rocketmen nor ghostly banes should care. I believe the key to winning this scenario is storming the middle and pushing your enemy out.

Turn 0

Crucible Guard

It’s been forever and a day since I played Syvestro. His battlegroup is fast on the first turn, much faster than the Trollbloods I normally play. However, they only pick up speed if they stay near Syvestro. Alyce is dedicated to taking the flag, and the Rocketmen can take the circle. The Ace is parked off to the left, so she can take the enemy flag.


Cryx deployed so that Gorman could take the flag, the banes could rush the circle, and some rules about ghostly were admittedly forgotten prior to deployment. Had those rules been taken into consideration, the whole army may have been shifted to the right, more central, and able to take advantage of the forest just out of frame.

Turn 1

Crucible Guard

Syvestro passes some super fuel to his warjacks, transmutates his Rocketmen, and everyone runs up.


Cryx mostly runs up.

Turn 2

Crucible Guard

Ace hides behind the acid vat, Rocketmen take a defensive action, popping some shots off into the dirt, and the Vindicator charges the Reaper. A questionable move, since he hardly does any damage thanks to some bad rolls. Suppressor fails to take out the Bane Rider, and Syvestro just runs into the zone, since he’s too far away from the enemy to do anything.


I missed a picture here. The Bane Riders charged the Suppressor, leaving it on 6 boxes. The Vindicator took a ton of damage as well, from the Slayer since the Reaper was crippled. The Rocketmen were fairly impervious, due to their high defense. Gorman and Alyce score a point for each of us.

Turn 3

Crucible Guard

Syvestro feats. Pretty much all he does, besides throwing more super fuel at his warjacks. Rocketmen take out the thrall, healing the vindicator, and then the one manages to hit Gorman, healing the Suppressor. Two Bane Riders also fall to Rocketman grenades, bringing the Suppressor to operational serviceability, and clearing its path to the Reaper.

The Suppressor walks seven inches, and smashes the Reaper in the face, felling it. The path clear, it sprays the witch hiding in the woods, first with an ice cage, then with fire. The Vindicator walks in, and smashes her with its maul.


Dessa says: I couldn’t hide Agathia in a forest right away. I don’t know why I didn’t deploy her more to the left. I’m used to deploying the caster in the middle. I kind of wish I had put the thrall more in the middle, but he probably would have gotten killed really fast. If I could have had another solo, I wouldn’t have worried about losing Gorman.

Tom says: Cryx could add another solo, if the Bane Riders drops to a minimum unit. I think we both need to work on our deployment. An arcnode would be nice for Syvestro, so he can cast Transmutate on the enemy.