Stryker 1 Sons of the Tempest vs Locke 1 Prima Materia, 75 points

Scenic Steamroller – Setup

Another Scenic Steamroller scenario. We used the quadrant method for setup, and used two trench templates set next to each other for a trench network. Our setup resulted in several large (for warmachine) terrain elements, with the two walls being the smallest elements. Additionally, forests are well into the deployment zone. We’re testing out whether we should stick with the “no scoring elements in the deployment zones” rule. In this game, we’re ignoring the rule, and allowing the forest to be claimed by a solo, trench claimed by jacks/beasts, the left wall by a unit, the right wall by a solo.


Locke won the roll, and chose to pick sides. Stryker deploys his forces first.

  • Stryker 1
    • Squire (free) -4
    • Ol’ Rowdy -17
    • Centurion -16
    • Defender -14
  • Gun Mage Captain Adept (free) -4
  • Gun Mage Captain Adept (free) -4
  • Journeyman Warcaster -3
    • Hunter -10
  • Lieutenant Bastian Falk -3
  • Arcane Tempest Gun Mages -9
    • Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer -3
    • Cyclone -12
  • Black 13th Strike Force -7
  • Rangers -7
  • Field Mechaniks -4
  • Locke 1
    • Alyce (free)
    • Toro -13
    • Toro -13
    • Toro -13
    • Liberator -10
    • Vindicator -15
    • Vindicator -15
  • Prospero (free)
    • Retaliator -7
  • Trancer (x2) (free)
  • CG Mechanik (x4)

Turn 1

Cygnar advances pretty quickly. There is some confusion, as the Rangers peel right, after receiving Stryker’s Blur. The +3 DEF against shooting should help them vs ranged, and proper spacing would keep the Vindicator’s AOE from taking out too many rangers, but they’d have to slip around the chemical vat to keep from getting hit in melee.

Stryker also placed Arcane Shield on the Centurion, and Snipe on the Black 13th. The junior warcaster placed Arcane Shield on the Cyclone.

Crucible Guard stares down the gunline.

Locke places her upkeeps, and her army runs forward. Alchemists pop smoke.

Turn 2

A well placed shot from the Defender, and follow-up attacks from the Black 13th take down a Vindicator. They moved out of the woods to do so, however, even though they could have reached with Snipe. Stryker feated.

Attempts are made at killing the Trancer, and generally putting the hurt on Locke’s warjacks.

Locke takes some shots with her Vindicators, and gets a Toro to almost kill the Defender. Stryker’s feat saved it. Some gun mages die. Black 13th get ravaged. Score 2 vs 2.

Turn 3

All the gun mages on the left side attack the toro, and the broken defender leaves it on one box. The Centurion steps in, smacking the Toro, dealing a fatal blow. The plan was for the Centurion to charge into the trench, but the Toro needed to die.

Rowdy steps up, the cyclone takes shots at the other Vindicator, which lives. Due to the spacing of the scoring elements, nobody contests, and the score goes up to 4-4.

Locke hatches an assassination plan. Rowdy gets baited off, so he no longer blocks the charge lanes to Stryker. Vindicator drops Stryker’s armor. Next, some of the alchemists throw ice bombs on Stryker, nearly freezing him. One AOE drifted too far away to catch him. The Toro charges in, followed by a Liberator.

Although the assassination attempt fails, the Liberator and Toro contest, forcing the score to 5-6, Crucible.

Turn 4

Stryker also sees an assassination run. Rowdy charges, throwing a knock down swing with his hammer, but misses. The follow up attacks and a stab from the Centurion leaves Locke on a single box. Score goes to 6-7, Crucible.

Locke’s Toro retaliates, finishing off Stryker.

Lack of Commentary.

Due to life being extremely hectic, we are skipping the commentary on this battle. No worries; we will most likely revisit these lists. Dessa seems to really enjoy Locke with the warbeasts, and I’m liking the changes to the Arcane Tempest.

Until next time!