Kriel Warriors

Cheap Unit, but are they Effective?

It depends on what “Effective” means. They are cheap. They occupy space. With Grissel 1, they can advance 15 inches with a run and Hoof It. In Storm of the North, they can advance up to 18 inches if they start out under the Krielstone with the Northkin Elder. While they aren’t difficult to kill, only ARM 17 in melee or ARM 15 vs ranged and magic spell attacks, their Tough ability means a third of them should survive an enemy attack.

Under Madrak3, they have an extra chance at surviving on a turn, and under Ragnor, they have the same kind of chance. Under both Ragnor and Madrak3, they hit hard. I had four dudes take down Kharybdis under Madrak3’s Battle Lust and the Krielstone’s Stone Cold aura.

The bottom line is that they need buffs to work, and in a game where fury economy is a thing, there are other more self-sufficient units available.

What about the Caber Throwers?

How can they be called Caber Throwers if they don’t throw anything?

Here’s my suggestion: Add “Thrown Caber” to the model, as a special attack, keep most of its abilities and add something to kick it up a notch.

*Thrown Caber

The Caber becomes a RNG 4, AOE 3, P&S 13 melee attack with Momentum, Knockdown and Bounce.

How would this work?

Make a melee attack, place a 3″ AOE. If you miss, deviate like normal. Miss or hit, you get the Bounce. Everything in the AOE is knocked down. If you hit in melee, you still get Momentum. Buffable with Fell Caller, Ragnor, Madrak, etc.

Buff the Unit!

Unyielding is cool, but sometimes I want something else. Speed buff? Melee buff? Maybe flank? Something needs to be built into the command attachment.