Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller, vs Lord Commander Stryker

How are the undead good guys?

Personally, I’ve never really thought of Stryker as the best model for a “good guy.” He exhibits some unbalanced anger management issues. Somehow, everything in the Iron Kingdoms became really messed up, and echoes of warriors past are fighting in the present. Grissel found herself leading a ragtag mixture of trollkin across another suspiciously flat field into combat against an angry young Cygnaran leading a host of undead.

The armies

Trollbloods, Kriel Company

  • Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller + 29
    • Trollkin Runebearer – 5 (free)
    • Dire Troll Blitzer – 15
    • Dire Troll Mauler – 15
  • War Wagon – 16
  • Fell Caller Hero – 5 (free)
  • Boomhowler, Solo Artist – 6 (free)
  • Braylen Wanderheart, Trollkin Outlaw – 5
  • Hutchuck, Ogrun Bounty Hunter – 6
  • Troll Whelps – 4
  • Scattergunners – 14
    • Scattergunner Officer & Standard – 4
  • Trollkin Highwaymen – 15
  • Trollkin Scouts – 10

Cygnar, Flame in the Darkness

  • Lord Commander Stryker +28
    • Ol’ Rowdy – 18
    • Lancer – 10
  • Grand Master Gabriel Throne – 7
  • Morrowan Archon – 8
  • Morrowan Archon – 8
  • Alexia, the Undying – 5 (free)
  • Legion of Lost Souls – 18
    • Morrowan Battle Priest – 2 (free)
    • Morrowan Battle Priest – 2 (free)
    • Morrowan Battle Priest – 2 (free)
  • Legion of Lost Souls – 18
    • Morrowan Battle Priest – 2 (free)
    • Morrowan Battle Priest – 2 (free)
    • Morrowan Battle Priest – 2 (free)
  • Order of Illumination Resolutes – 8
  • Order of Illumination Resolutes – 8

The Game

Turn 1

Did I error already?

Winning initiative and choosing to go second wasn’t probably the best thing to do. That Flame army abuses going first because of their long threat range and crazy vengeance abilities.

Tons of running.

Some trolls run, but most walk, trying to stay our of charge range. It looks like they’ll get into trouble no matter what. I have the new solo artist throw up some covering fire.

Turn 2

The undead surge forward. These are really fast undead. They really get in deep. They vengeance up, and then charge. The scouts fall, and many highwaymen also die off. A few of the undead die to the covering fire, as they got greedy and tried to charge deeper than they should have.

Looking fairly shut out.

Some of the highwaymen try to work on the rectangle zone to the left, and the blitzer clears a path to the archon on the right. Scattergunners make the undead pay for their surge, after Grissel marks them with Calamity. The War Wagon charges deep, blasting through the unit, dropping a cannon blast on the archon, and spraying the solo back on the flag.

Hutchuck ambushes from the left, clearing the remaining blocking models, and the wagon hoofs it to square off with the archon.

Wagon doing wagon things.

Turn 3

With one unit wiped out, another with only a few dudes left, a Trollblood War Wagon breathing down your neck, things look grim. Things look like an assassination win is a great option, especially with a warlock within 17″ of Stryker.

The remaining LOLS (really, PP?) step up, kill some models, spring out some new dudes, who kill some models, and form a nice chain of dudes and make a path for Stryker. He has pathfinder given by Gabriel Throne, Velocity propels him 6″ through the woods, and then he charges Grissel. She falls to something like two hits, due to Stryker’s POW twenty-something sword.

17″ of doom


Stop standing within Stryker’s threat range.

You are not safe on the other side of a forest.

Kill all of the LOLS in a unit, or when you do smack them, remove them from play so they don’t come back.

The new scattergunner ability is baller.

Scouts still just take a hit and die. Bring raiders instead.

Blitzer, and everyone with a machine gun should be able to have a covering fire special ability.