Butcher vs Agathia

This Brawlmachine game took place a little while ago. I fielded Butcher 1 with Man-O-War Shocktroopers and Dessa ran Agathia with some Bane Riders.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the overlapping scenarios. It does mean a concentrated effort in the center of the board, so that’s a good thing. I don’t feel like the scenario gets too out of hand too quickly, so there’s almost always a good fight here.

Most of the terrain here are recent builds. The obstructions are building test pieces, and the forests are upgraded forests. The water was highlighted recently as well, in a blog post last month. The rubble and wall are my oldest pieces, having been bought at Texicon many years ago. Actually, the rubble was given for free, since I bought so much other stuff from the vendor, and this rubble had a crack right in the center. A hot air gun and glue fixed the crack.


Khador deployed centrally, with Man-O-War to the left of Butcher, and warjacks to the right. Despite their bent weapons, they are here to save the little village from the undead army approaching.

The recruiting poster on the building wall says it all: For the Motherland!

Cryx also deployed centrally, with Riders ready to take the zones, and the witch sneaking off to hide behind a forest.

Turn 1

Khador marches up the table, full steam. I forget how slow they run. Butcher trips on branches, slowing him down as he runs through the forest. The Kodiak, however, just barrels through the branches and tree trunks.

Agathia has none of the problems that Khador struggles with advancing, throwing her army deep into the town, and hiding herself in the woods.

The Cryx warjacks prepare for battle, unafraid of the slow moving warjacks.

Turn 2

Khador advances again. The Shocktroopers form up in shield wall, and Butcher strengthens their armor, giving them Iron Flesh. The Marauder splashes through the water as fast as it can, while the Kodiak and Juggernaut surge ahead. Butcher and the war dog have blood in their eyes, leaving the flag unclaimed. Would this thirst for blood be their undoing?

The Slayer charges forward, almost killing the Kodiak. The Reaper tries to pull away a Shocktrooper, but fails to damage on the initial hit, so the drag also fails. Some Bane Riders charge, but fail to damage the shielded Shocktroopers.

Picture missing.

Turn 3

The Juggernaut attempts to destroy the Slayer, but misses its attacks. The Kodiak’s arms are malfunctioning, and it does nothing to the unholy warjack. Shocktroopers advance and remove three Bane Riders.

The remaining Bane Riders charge the Butcher. Gorman camps a flag. The slayer tries to put the Juggernaut out of commission, but it is severely damaged, and unable to finish the warjack. A well placed spell through an arc node destroys the War Dog. Cryx is leading point-wise.

Picture missing.

Turn 4

Khador pushes Cryx out of the town proper. The Butcher slaughters the Bane Riders, and the warjack is defeated by the Marauder. Agathia worries that her plans are disrupted.

Agathia steps back from the forest, trying desperately to stay alive, placing her minions into the zone to prevent Khador from overturning her hold on the town.

Picture Missing

Turn 5

Butcher tries to march toward the witch and destroy her, while claiming the town for his own. He runs at Gorman’s position, yelling something to his axe, Lola. Gorman laughs behind his mask, then sprays the warcaster with vicious liquid.

Butcher’s folly.

Agathia sees a way out. Butcher has revealed himself, and she is able to put a desperate plan into action. She advances, and simply attacks the warcaster with a barrage of magic spells. He succumbs, simply not being tough enough to withstand her magic.

Agathia’s win.
Score at the end.