Mk4 Primer videos inbound

Hi! Tom here. It’s Fat Thursday in the U.S.A. today, and I’ve been busy messing with my little toy soldiers while Dessa has been working hard at making our bellies full. As of this writing, I’ve got two videos posted, and one in the works.

Mk4 Primer Video link

The first video introduces the app and some terminology. The second discusses movement and how to make attacks. It’s all basic info, so it just illustrates the things you’ll need to know when you start the game.

Upcoming Videos

The third video in the series will cover how to determine Line of Sight between models in the game, and go over how terrain affects line of sight and movement.

After that, I plan on covering battlegroups (with warcasters, warlocks, infernal masters, and so on). Then explore power attacks, disengagement, incorporeal and flying models, and then we’ll play a full game. Eventually, I’ll add in huge bases and other things as they pop up.

Why am I doing this?

This project is purely selfish. I learned a long time ago that the best way to learn is to prepare to teach. To prepare for Mk4, I’m going through the rules and trying to explain them to a relatively anonymous audience. The nice thing about doing this is that I’m certain to get feedback about whether I’ve got things figured out, or whether I’ve made an error. I also sometimes learn something new. For example, I’m starting to figure out some nuances with model placement on elevation. In the images below, the CG Infantry (hiding behind the white warjack, on the ground level) can shoot the trencher (on the platform and on the hill), but the trencher can’t shoot the CG Infantry! BLEW MY MIND!

Video quality

I’m also playing with audio, video, and other new skills. I’m purely a hobbyist, here, but it’s getting better.

How to give feedback

Comment directly on my videos. Subscribe. This tells me who’s watching, and how I can improve. Do it not for me, but for yourself! Because as I get better at all this, you’ll have more entertaining videos to watch. And, I might just show you something you didn’t know about Mk4.

Thanks for reading. May your dice roll fairly!