Infernals in April – Griever Swarm

This month I painted up a couple of Griever Swarm units.

I started by looking at what I had on hand. I bought and modified enough for two full units, and bought an army with another unit. The previous owner had maybe a minimum unit painted? I forget exactly, because shortly after my purchase Privateer Press announced mk4, and I lost interest. They also popped off the plastic flight stands and got mixed up with other random models. I dug them out of the pile of shame and set five on metal rods for support. Immediately, I realized this swarm was nothing of the sort. I assembled my remaining grievers (some had been used on bases for other models) and began adding them to the other swarm members. Then I saw two extra rocketmen and a poor Menite. The rocketmen would be perfect for grievers to attack, and the Menite would end up losing an arm to one of the aliens.

I hit them with black primer, then grey, through the airbrush. I tried some of the new vallejo express colors, and realized that the models would need a little drybrushing of white.

The rest of the express colors went on fairly well. It is super fast. I did hit some of the grievers with extra highlights, and even tried to blend together some of the shades (like yellow and green). I also used some of the fluo colors to really bring out the gaudy. Here are the colors with examples of how they look.

I’m really happy with the overall effect. Their performance on the table is something I’m unsure about yet. More to come.

Thanks for looking. Hit me up on the Warmachine FB, Reddit, or Discord groups, or on our Youtube for questions/comments.