A month of chaos

About a month ago, Dessa and I posted our first Warmachine video. It was a Mark 3 battle report. Shortly after, everything Warmachine-related started to spin. Plans for the remainder of the year have been cast aside as Privateer Press released news of the new Mk4 shakeup. Youtube personalities are now giving time to a game that hasn’t crossed their minds in years. Game store sponsored video reports are starting to make an appearance again. Former players are curious, and they return to the game stores to see what all the fuss is. All while some fan sites announce their departure from Warmachine, possibly due to behind-the-scenes drama, or simply a need to do something new.

Where does this leave Disgruntled Wargamer?

This project has always been a passion project for me. It’s primarily a game diary. But it’s also an excuse to do fun things with Dessa. Now that we’re practically empty nesters, we have some time for our hobbies, and this is one of those hobbies we share.

We’re going to continue expanding into other games, although the focus will be on the Iron Kingdoms. I’ve liked the setting for a long while, and since I don’t really play RPGs anymore, the Warmachine game is the best way for me to experience the world. I’m looking forward to the Mk4 rules, and we’re going to continue to write, make videos, and play games.

When I first started out, we hit a point where the game shifted, and I deleted all the old reports. This time, I’m going to leave them, but tag them as Warmahordes Mk3. Our new reports will be tagged as Warmachine Mk4 Beta. Starting January, we’ll shift to tagging Warmachine Mk4, and add Prime or Unlimited.

The schedule

Oof. I’ve slacked off this last month. I had a couple videos in work, and trashed them both, due to the Mk4 shift. I really don’t want to create content for a dead format (Mk3). There were also some draft articles about Jarl Skuld, Highwaymen, and this whole wish list thing. I’m throwing those out, certainly.

Expect a battle report video once per month. We’re also going to try to do a painting video, and a hobby how-to, where I build a terrain element for our table. Meanwhile, I’m planning on continuing the blog, with weekly posts of battle reports, and companion articles to the videos.

This loose schedule will have to adjust for real life events, as this is just a hobby.

Here’s our next few items we plan on working:

  1. Video/written blog on a small piece of terrain (a battlefield salvage cart).
  2. Battle report: Syvestro vs Kolgrima with Mk4 rules, but Mk3 cards (we don’t have our armies released yet).
  3. Dessa paints a Stryker warjack
  4. The resurrection of HILLS!!! (video and blog)
  5. Battle report
  6. Painting
  7. Hobby How-to: Bridges
  8. ???

That’s all for today

Thanks for visiting. Hope you have some good games.