X-Wing: First Time Out

We (me, my kids and wife) tried X-Wing for the first time last weekend. We had a blast. The game mechanic ran smoothly, with each side allowed to move and attack in turn, per model. Imperial gets to move a tie fighter, rebel gets to move an x-wing, then one gets to shoot and the other shoots. So even though you may be running several pieces on the game table, the game moves back and forth so that it feels faster.

That’s a huge difference from Warmachine/Hordes, where one side moves and attacks with all their models, then play switches to the other side. The simplified rules work well with my attention-deficit/video-game-addicted kid, but the wife and I pretty much felt ready to play the advanced rules ASAP. The tutorial took the two of us forever to finish due to bad dice rolls and similar strategy in ship placement.

The game does move fast, regardless of player snafus, due to the quick rolls, the easy movement rules/templates, and the pre-printed stats on both the game cards and model bases. Kids appreciate the pre-painted models as well, although I would like to touch them up with some decals/paint.

All in all, I give the starter box, which I picked up at Miniature Market a 5/5 rating.