Turn counter and score keeper

I picked this up a couple of weeks ago, from MuseOnMinis.com and love it.

It took less than an hour to assemble.  Gorilla glue holds it together pretty well.  It’s taken some tumbles out of my bag.

Instructions were easy enough to follow.

The only think I didn’ like was the placement of the struts.  The central placement makes it wobble.  I’d place them further out, but I think I’ll just leave them off.



The clever design of the counter isn’t exactly intuitive, but very functional.  Magnets hold together each score counter, so it feels like they should spin, which they do in a way.

Rotate the right side through 5, then flip and the “tens” side becomes the “ones” and rotates from 6 through 0.

I’ve used them in several games now, and it’ just a matter of remembering to slide the turn counter and count points at the end of the turn.

Money well spent.

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