Troll Axer

This is a really cool model.  He’s got a huge mouth, awesome set of frills and packs his own lunch.  The Axer didn’t have hardly any mold line issues.  I wonder what the new plastic ones will be like.

I plan on doing several colors within my army.  Not every troll will be the same shade blue.  As a matter of fact, I’ve always wondered why Privateer settled on trolls with pretty much a singular skin color.  In some of their artwork, I’ve seen trolls with more earthy colors, but for the most part blue reigns supreme.

This Axer sports purple rock studs and a set of matching purple quills.  His whelp seems to have spawned from a different troll, being a shade of green.  The tartan was freehand.  I’m slowly getting better.  I think I will use a bit of paper or tape to help keep my lines straight.