Trenchers Day 1

As far as plastic minis go, the trenchers were a good deal. My only criticism against the trenchers is that their guns bend in the packaging, leaving me to wonder if I should try to replace their weapons with something made of brass and green stuff. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to really get green stuff to do anything I want in any of my attempts at sculpting. An artist, I am not.


I did lay in some basic earthwork with blue insulation foam, balsa-equivalent wood and miliput. My trenchers should be charging through dirt, over rocks, between embankments. And since I can’t rely on my fellow players to bring terrain to run through, I’m making the terrain part of the unit.
For the trencher armor, I based with a mix of black and gunmetal blue (Vallejo Model Color 70.950 and 70.800). As I base-coated, I learned something else about these guys. There are a lot of hidden lines that I did not see when I initially prepped them. Also, due to a misunderstanding between me and one of my helper minions, some of the earth mix got applied to the bases before I primed. Some of those dust flakes ended up in my prime coat, and thus caused some fuzz to appear on the models. Lastly, the faces on some of these guys weren’t very well done. I mean, it looked like they had some deformities, or maybe had been splashed by acid or something. And at first I thought it was just the faces, but I think some other parts were pretty bad too. Quality on these guys is pretty low.
Therefore, I am going to just whip these guys up and not put too much time into them.






Second base coat covered the leathers and cloth with Vallejo Model Color USA Olive Drab (70.889).








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