Texicon 2017 Day 1, Madrak3 vs Vlad1

I hate getting clocked.  So much so that it affected how I played the second game.  It’s weird, because I designed the Madrak3 list knowing the meat would require lots of time for my opponent to cut through.

I played well, spacing out, and claiming the zone.  However, I should have dominated the flag.  Instead, I swarmed the center, took out his objective, and led by a few points.  If I had run over to the flag, I could have won the race to 5.

He did manage to put zone pressure on me, with the armor.  But it took a lot of his time, and he started to run low.

I shifted right, but couldn’t down any of his jacks.  He made a similar shift toward the same flag.  I could have left it alone, falling back, and just contesting with meat.  He would have clocked out.

Clock hate surfaced, and I decided to make an assassination run instead.  I failed, opening Madrak up for a play.

In the final second, he declared his attack and as the clock buzzed, he made his roll, smithing Madrak.

At least it was a fair and exciting loss.

In the future, I will pay more attention to scoring and play the clock better.  Despite my feelings toward it, the clock is a valid win condition.  Still, if I’m not in a winning bracket, I feel no qualms to ignoring a probable clock win for something more risky and exciting.

As a consolation, my opponent gifted me a Webb Deviation Template, for giving him the best game of the day.  This thing is awesome, and as soon as he finds a way to market them, I will dedicate a post to the template.

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