Texicon 2017 Day 1, Madrak3 vs Butcher3

The second Khador player I ran against presented Butcher 3 and Strakov 2.

I had never played into Strakov or the third Butcher, and figured the Fennblades could take the impacts from the pikemen.   So I picked Madrak3.  He picked Butcher, and I did a quick read on his abilities.  There weren’t a lot of ways to score, and I knew I needed to keep the Butcher at bay.

The blurry photo illustrates how I tried to screen with fennblades and other meat, while presenting a retaliatory threat if the Butcher tries to move in.

The meat falls to jack guns, and the Butcher tries to clear his own path.

He gets in there, kills some dudes, but I was camping 5 Fury, and had my Aura running.  It helped that he had to kill dudes twice, wasting a flashing blade or two.

Madrak got sucked in, and managed to survive on 3 boxes.  I think it was Flashing Blade twice, Silence of Death upkept, and Impending Doom, costing 5 Focus.  He only had 7 attacks with Butcher, and that meant a 31% chance at killing Madrak according to Odds Machine.  A third attack would have brought him to a 70% chance.

I slammed butcher with a longrider who had been buffed by a fell caller. The feat says no charging, but a slam isnt a charge.  Yay rules.  We called for a judge anyway.

He fell down, and Madrak wailed away.  The backup plan was walk the bouncer up to head butt.

It was a good fight, but I think he got too aggressive.