Texicon 2017 Day 1, Borka2 vs Butcher3

Butcher3 or Vlad 1.  Either way, I had just played two Madrak games in a row, and his army wasn’t feeling very strong into Khador.  I think it needs a Mauler.

So I picked up the bear and vowed not to throw away the wagon.  First turn, I should have played slower.  Turn 2, I could have feated.  As it was, I wound up facing a top of turn 2 assassination.

So I found myself cramped in, Borka repositioned behind the wall.  I wish I had feated.  But I didn’t think he would make a run at the beginning of his second turn.

He does some premeasuring and asks about the base size of the wagon.  I confirm that it is less than 5″, and he notes that Borka is base to base with the wagon.

He charges in, and swings on the wagon, then takes a long look at the board.

The Mauler misses his counter charge, but it doesn’t matter.  My opponent scoops.

I would have liked to see his misstep play out.  He might have been able to recover (I’m not that great of a player, you know).  But after hi s long look, he realized he positioned butcher too far to my right.  The push from his spell would cause Bork to contact the wall, stopping his movement  toward Butcher.

There was no way his play would work.  He could have feated, to prevent countercharging, and moved further to his right.  Or, he could have waited a turn.

Oh well.  Not my favorite game.  I really wanted to play, and seeing my opponent scoop so quick seemed deflating.

The game may have not mattered in terms of making it to the masters, but the game mattered to me, because I don’t get a lot of time to play compared to those guys who have 5 days a week to play.