Storm Striders Day 1

Day 1: Storm Striders

The two Storm Striders are going to be part of a Haley tier list. In my opinion, the best way differentiate between the two would be in their poses and by a unique base for each. I decided to have one crossing a crater I made out of plaster earlier last year, and to have the other crossing a ruined street.

Crater / best foot forward

I trimmed the crater so it would fit the huge base.

Miliput filled in the gaps. I toyed with the idea of sandbags and a fried gun emplacement on the inside of the crater, but decided against on the basis that it would be too busy. I may opt for a water effect on the inside of the crater, and maybe a small bit of ‘jack detritus.


The Street with No Name

The street started with your basic insulation foam with brickwork drawn in. The circle is supposed to be a manhole cover, but I’m not sure how it will turn out. This is either going to go really well, or really bad.