Storm Strider vs Celestial Fulcrum

We played steam 2017 week 2, with a quadrant layout and Breakdown scenario.


War Room Army

Circle Orboros – Agent Fulcrum

Theme: No Theme Selected

75 / 75 Army

Morvahna the Autumnblade – WB: +28

– Wold Guardian – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)

– Warpwolf Stalker – PC: 19 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)

– Brennos the Elderhorn – PC: 17

– Gnarlhorn Satyr – PC: 12


Celestial Fulcrum – PC: 19


Blackclad Wayfarer – PC: 4


Druids of Orboros – Leader & 5 Grunts: 12

Shifting Stones – Leader & 2 Grunts: 3

GENERATED : 04/26/2017 23:06:00

War Room Army


Cygnar – strider test

Theme: Storm Division

1 / 1 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Captain Allison Jakes – WJ: +28

– Squire – PC: 0

– Firefly – PC: 8 (Battlegroup Points Used: 8)

– Firefly – PC: 8 (Battlegroup Points Used: 8)

– Reliant – PC: 14 (Battlegroup Points Used: 12)

– Lancer – PC: 10

Storm Strider – PC: 18

Stormsmith Stormcaller – 3 Stormsmiths: 5

Captain Arlan Strangewayes – PC: 4

Journeyman Warcaster – PC: 4

– Charger – PC: 9

– Sentinel – PC: 8

Stormguard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15

THEME: Storm Division


GENERATED : 04/26/2017 23:06:38

BUILD ID : 2036.17-02-03


The crater looking thing is the fulcrum.  Circle also used wolves of orboros to represent the druids. She’s decided she wants to buy the fulcrum. We have a wall, acid pit, wall, forest, forest, acid pit, hill, trench, starting at the 7 o clock and going around the pic below.

Turn 1, running. Upkeep shield on strider, escort on jakes.

Morvahna puts up harvest and regrowth.


Turn 2, Cygnar moves into the right zone, slides the jacks into the left. Aims with strider doing some damage to the stalker. Camped one of the 2 power up tokens earned from aiming. Took out his body. Followed up with the fireflies.

Morv brings back druids. They push my jacks out of the zone.  Stalker slashed at firefly, taking out move and left arm.  Goat slams reliant. Finishes off firefly.

Fulcrum took out half the storm guard, then the Blackclad finished them off with a spray, except for one guy, who fell victim to a spell from brennos.

Circle scores 3.


Turn 3.

Cygnar stands up, feats, swings at the stalker with Jakes.

Firefly charged stone. Bouncer electricity to morvhanna. Storm strider charged stalker, missed. Fired shot at morvhanna, boosted hit from earlier power up, added +2 for being in 10”. Scored a hit, at POW 17 due to proximity of firefly.

Assassination win for Cygnar.


Green.  Both of us really enjoyed this game.

Battle Engines:

The two battle engines both had a unique way of powering up. They both seemed fair. The fulcrum could have been defeated with long range heavy guns, but the battery encourages a shield guard construct to both leech fury from and to protect it. As a long range guns storm, it did it’s job. As far as the Strider goes, it finally has a way to gather power up tokens outside of being hit. It is also as resilient as a light warjack. I played it like how I normally would, waiting until an assassination target presents itself, and going in for the shot. I didn’t have to be as reckless as I normally am, since I didn’t need to provoke a hit for the power up. Had the game continued, the strider might live to see turn 4 or 5, where in the old days it usually died on turn 2 or 3.



I really like this large zone layout. The zones encourage in your face style play. I thought I had a strong open, and was surprised to see the druids push out jacks and for the fulcrum to almost wipe that unit of stormguard.



Helped morvhanna play forward.  She probably would have stayed back a few inches, but didn’t want to give up the two points.


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