Sloane vs Kaya 1

I wanted to run a jack heavy list. Kara Sloane took her troop of jacks and a couple of Gun Mage Captain Adepts along with a Rifleman. A good group, with lots of bullets. We were playing with two objectives and two flags… Extraction. Killbox was up. I dont know how I feel about Killbox with Kara. On one hand, it forces casters into shooting range. On the other hand, kara is also in danger.

I didnt get many pictures at the start. Also, missing Kaya’s list. The game was too quick, with Kaya stepping into range of everything. I took down her front screen, then filled the druid with lead.

We decided to turn the game into a learning opportunity, repositioning Kaya behind the forest to continue the game.


The continuation saw Kara’s beasts take out my objective, and Circle was up two points. The goat and some others lined up for an assassination run.


Circle was able to win on control points. I have real problems with ranged lists and this scenario.

We decided to try and see if Circle’s assassination would work.

The Feral Warpwolf was able to wreck Kara. So Circle had me covered in all directions.


The Kara list needs to kill the caster quickly, or bring enough models to contest with little actual work keeping them alive. After playing with gunlinrs, I think the combined arms approach seems to work better.