Siege vs Karchev the Terrible

I threw an abbreviated version of my 75 point Siege list at Khador’s Karchev the Terrible last Sunday.  We played a 35 point Rumble, and I opted to take the trencher infantry, a Grenadier,  Rangers, Triumph, Finn, and I think I took a Hunter as well.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t take any pictures of this match, and I was just starting to use warroom, so I neglected to copy Khador’s list.  The way I remember,  he fielded widow makers and Kodiak, Devastator, Juggernaut,  Destroyer and a winter guard cannon.  I lost my Rifleman to the widows, and had trouble closing with Karchev’s forces.  His jacks all had countercharge running, via a spell from Karchev.  Some telekinesis would have been nice.

While this wasn’t the best match up, as his widows outclassed my trenchers, it was a good opportunity to learn tactics.

First, I need to learn how to goad an unfavorable countercharge.  Moving a less valuable piece up to attract the ire of a large jack, and then being able to charge that Jack with my own would have been great.   Problem is, I didn’t bring any melee jacks to the fight. I felt like I brought rifles to a tank battle.

Triumph’s extra shot helped a lot, taking out the occasional Widow or two (due to AOE and Khador forgetting to reposition after a kill).  What Triumph lacks, as many have reported elsewhere,  is a good melee weapon, like the Defender’s hammer.  I haven’t been able to verify on my 75 point list, but I think I have enough in there to make up for the Defender/Triumph issue.  

The Trencher unit needs its officer.  Digging in and shooting would be stellar.  Also, the smoke isn’t as effective as I want it to be.  They also want pathfinder.  So I guess there is a reason to add that piper guy.  Actually, in my 75 pointer, I am tempted to take out the trencher unit and add in a jack with the ranged and melee combo I think Siege wants.

So why not remove the commandos? Well, they’ve done some fairly decent work. More so than the regular infantry unit in my opinion.  Don’t misunderstand.  Trencher Infantry is great, but I don’t think they compliment my POW 15 jacks.

So here’s the change.

War Room Army

Cygnar – Siege vs the Hordes v2

75 / 75 Army

Major Markus ‘Siege’ Brisbane – WJ: +28

–    Triumph – PC: 20 (Battlegroup Points Used: 20)

–    Hunter – PC: 11 (Battlegroup Points Used: 8)

–    Hunter – PC: 11

–    Avenger – PC: 17

Captain Maxwell Finn – PC: 6

Trencher Master Gunner – PC: 4

–    Grenadier – PC: 9

Arcane Tempest Rifleman – PC: 4

Rangers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9

Trencher Commandos – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10

–    Trencher Commando Scattergunner – PC: 2

Trencher Infantry removed, Scatter Gunners reduced, and Avenger added.

The Avenger has a kind of short range.  But I’m seeing a lot of close-in combat.  Siege wants this anyway without squire.  We have the Grenadier and Commandos with Finn in the rough terrain, the Avenger knocking down things when Rangers are near the target, and Triumph, the Hunters and Siege providing long ranged shots.  Hopefully, I will get a 75 point game in to try this out.

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