Saeryn & Rhyas with Hellmouth

What? No Trollbloods?

Every once in a while, it’s nice to take a quick break.  I pack demo armies when I head out to the local game store, and one of our players wanted to have a game that would be quicker than our 2 hour 75 point bouts.

So I fielded Legion, with Saeryn & Rhyas, with a Hellmouth, half a unit of swordsmen,  Zuriel, Nephilim Soldier, and a Shredder.

Game time

The beauty of the Hellmouth is that it can park itself on the edge of a circle whether or not you go first or second.  If you go first, you have 3 tentacles that can move 8″ from the maw, just daring something to set foot inside.  The rest of the army parks behind, waiting for the first catch of the day.

In the case of our quick game, Skorne moved an Aradus Sentinel within charge range of the tentacles, but was also in shooting range.  So a couple tentacles died, and an ash cloud blocked the other.

Another tentacle spawned, in formation… within 8″ of the maw!  It charged the poison shooter, dragged it to the maw, and the soldier, three swordsmen and a single swipe of Zuriel’s blades finished it.

The poorly drawn circle shows where poor heavy warbeast ended up.  The interesting thing is that dragging Warbeasts could hose a warlock who depended on the fury.

Skorne tried to slam my soldier into Rhyas, which worked, but he was too far from the maw after following up to kill it.

The Soldier scratched the titan.  Then Rhyas herself killed the titan, scoring a critical and boosting the damage on that one in order to slay it with an unbelievable amount of damage.  It took her all her fury, but it was amazing anyway.

Zuriel flew over and slashed one of the little beasts (drake, I think). The tentacle missed it’ attack.  With both beasts, a zealous, bloodthirsty Rhyas, and untouched feat, the game was decidedly in Legion’s favor.


The Hellmouth is certainly something to watch for in a tournament game.  I don’t have an easy solution.  The only good thing about them is that they don’ have eyeless sight.  The Bog Trog Mist Speaker is an easy choice to solve that problem for legion.


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