Rumble Tiles


Tiles for a Rumble Format Game

I feel like one of the locations we play weekly doesn’t have enough terrain.  So I designed some tiles that I will hopefully have done before we start the new “Courage” campaign.  They’re 10″ tiles, which will be arranged to form the 30″ play area for rumble games.  The great thing is that if I want to adapt them to a 48″ table, I only have to create some 10″x8″ tiles that can be fit on the end, along with a 8″x8″ corner.  All the rivers meet in the center of each tile, and each hill is in the corner.  They’ll be able to be rearranged for extra playability.  Since the tiles only have hills, rivers and plains, I’ll still need to do some scatter terrain.


All in all, it took a Saturday to do 4 tiles.