Road to Texicon, Ragnor

Ragnor Lothbrok

Not quite.

He’s Ragnor Skysplitter, the Runemaster, and he’s Madrak’s pairing for day one of Texicon.  I considered taking the Borka2 list, but I feel like Ragnor has a touch more punch.  His feat affects all attacks, and reduces enemy punch by a whole die.  With the stone running, we have ARM 21 beasts and 1 less die on the feat turn.

Pulverizer gives +2 and beat back, and when combined with the stone elder and Rage, we have a POW19 Slag Troll, POW 21 Earthborn, POW 25 Mountain King, and yes, even the Winter troll becomes POW 18.

The King is probably overkill, and beat back gains him nothing.  The Earthborn is a fantastic target, as is the Slag into a jack.

Other good targets include Ragnor late game, last resort, or Janissa with Armor Piercing, who can do dice+1 vs an ARM20 jack.

Ragnor’s spell list is a bit more helpful than Borka’s.  If I need to see through an disengaged model, I can dig it in via Earth’s Sanctuary, and Hex Blast takes the edge off my opponent’s magical defenses.  With his 1 extra fury, he has a larger control range, so his forces can spread a little.  Still, most of his good stuff costs 3, so I wont be using every spell each round.

The Runebearer helps take the load off, casting Hex Blast or Shockwave as appropriate.   For a high priority/high defense target, he can reduce the cost of the spell by 1, and Ragnor can boost the attack roll.

Three units of Runeshapers give me access to knockdown and Rock Hammer pow 14 spells all day.  With Pathfinder all over this list and Steady all around, I think this is a good drop into a Wurmwood list.  It is strong against heavy armor, but it can be difficult to spread the love, so I will have to control where the fight takes place.  The Runeshapers can help there, becoming (expensive) speed bumps.

Since this is probably my Cygnar throw, I’m planning on spacing my front line out to take lightning.


Since Texicon is pre-Lock and Load, we are playing 2016 rules.  I’m not expecting terrain to be decisive, so I plan on going first whenever possible.  At the start, I expect to be bunched up, but hope to spread out and screen with Runeshapers on the front line.  Ragnor, the stone and the Earthborn will be to the right, and I will create a weak side with two lights on the Mountain King’s left.

I believe the light, left side will be perceived as a weakness.  Hopefully the enemy will focus jacks there, and Ragnor can dig in the MK to place Pulverizer on the Slag or Winter.  I prefer to spray with the Winter, boosting attack rolls for a critical fish.  I don’t think the Slag or winter will be near enough to the stone, so they may die quickly unless they pull an alpha.  But they are an 18 point trade for hopefully 3 jacks at 10-15 points each, or a 20 point cavalry.


I see this as a good list for taking and contesting.  It has a lot of strength in terms of raw power.  With all the knockdown, POW 14+ hits and such, it pushes hard into attrition.  Hopefully I can wear them down so I can take a line on their caster.


My worry is against lots of Marauders, and lots of shooting.  If I see too many ranged weapons, I may drop Madrak in order to let the fennblades engage the guns.

The Runeshapers do go up to Def 16, so my survival rate does go up a bit.  I can also dig in everyone but the MK.  So we might be ok against RAT 6 attacks (unboosted would need 10s to hot Runeshapers).

I would also be concerned about anti magic types who prevent spellcasting.  Runeshapers are casting Rock Hammer, Trembled, and Dig In, apparently.

The spells a model with the Magic Ability special rule can cast are listed in its entry under Magic Ability (Primal Digital Digest,  74).

Casting is vital for this list.

The List

Trollblood – Ragnor’s Runeshapers

Theme: The Power of Dhunia

2 / 2 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Stockpile – Steamroller Objective

Ragnor Skysplitter, the Runemaster – WB: +30

– Trollkin Runebearer – PC: 0

– Mountain King – PC: 36 (Battlegroup Points Used: 30)

– Earthborn Dire Troll – PC: 15

– Slag Troll – PC: 10

– Winter Troll – PC: 8

Janissa Stonetide – PC: 0

Trollkin Runeshapers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 9

Trollkin Runeshapers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 9

Trollkin Runeshapers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 9

Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes – Leader & 3 Grunts: 6

– Stone Scribe Elder – PC: 3



I’ve played some unreported games with Ragnor, but didn’t have a good idea on how to use his spells.  Initially, I was frustrated with his high spellcost, but learned to use the runebearer.  None of the models in the list are unfamiliar, nonetheless I will practice before the con, with a target of 12 games.  My meta is small, and only has a few factions regularly in play, so my first foray into the larger meta is not expected to be a game changing moment.  In two weeks, my lists and player ability will be put to the test.  All I can hope for is an opportunity to strengthen my game.  That is all.