Road to Texicon, Final List Selection

Best Laid Plans

The ugly truth of list building boils down to two truths: Accessibility and Familiarity.

More than any other factor, these two concepts form the core of list creation.


Simply put, accessibility is having a model built, painted, ready for war.  Borrowing is a possibility, but comes with the anxiety with breaking or losing another player’s pieces, or not having access to them on game day.


Another easy to understand concept, this is knowing the list, the models in the list, and having played them several times.

How Accessibility and Familiarity Affected my Texicon Lists

I tried to see my Ragnor Runeshaper dream to fruition, but do not have two units of Runeshapers ready.  I still have to finish my Mountain King, but reached painter’s block (if that is a thing).  The list also hasn’t had enough time to prove itself.  The combination of Accessibility and Familiarity doomed this list to the shelf.

The Jarl List has been one I’ve played with on multiple occasions.   I enjoy the list, and have fun every time I play it.

I’ve been told the Borka2 list is hard to play into.  It can hit hard, and forces opponent’s to withdraw or freeze, or to take a beating.

The Madrak 3 list is super fun (for me), but it sometimes feels like a grind.  It does well against Cryx.  I think it works into shooting lists.

Jarl, Borka2 and Madrak3 make up the majority of my games.  Although the wagon just updated, I have a few games under the old rules, and the new rules didn’t change how I play it much.  So a win for familiar pieces.

To run these lists, I only have to finish the wagon and touch up my Sluggers.  That is super preferable to rushing through three units and a gargantuan.

After Texicon, I will try out Doomy3, Ragnor and Gunnbjorn.   With pretty much all the trolls at my disposal, my options are wide open, but that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

All in all, I think my lists are solid, and mire importantly, fairly stress free.

I’ll update again on Friday.