Northkin Shaman

I painted up my Northkin Shaman twinsies this week. It was long overdue, as they’ve proven their worth in multiple games under Power of Dhunia.


I’ve learned that they work well in a pair, creating 6” of cloud cover for Jarl to hide behind before his feat turn, and they have a 5” teleport to move them out of the clouds so they can take cover or pop up nearby. It’s like they get to run, and halfway through the run they drop a cloud. If they manage to kill something on a charge, they can disappear in a puff of snow! If they don’t cloud things up, they can always spray or debuff defense to make an enemy easier for a troll to hit. In a pair, one could lower Def on a model, then the second could charge in and effectively be a MAT 8. They make a pretty good solo killing team in that respect.

Another tactic would be to sit on a zone, contesting or controlling. They move up, summon a freak storm, the n teleport back, screening themselves from charges and ranged fire.

Solo hunting, zone control, caster protection, and what amounts to a 2” mark target. Quite the extensive toolbox for a pair of 4 point models which end up essentially free in Power of Dhunia.

Assuming the Northkin theme gives free solos, they’ll probably be free there as well. That is pure speculation at this point, so I will come back to them after the theme’s release.


Points are premium.  I honestly wish I could buy a unit of these guys, like the Runeshapers.  I would consider paying 16 for a group of 4, although if they were in a unit, I would expect 3 for 9 or 5 for 15.

Runeshapers come 3 in a pack for 9, and are FA:U in POD theme.  The solos are only 2 for 8, and FA:2.  Maybe they’ll be FA:U in Northkin theme?  That’d be cool (haha).

They cost same as a Winter troll, which has only 1 spray, at a much lower chance to hit, but with the same POW.

In the Power of Dhunia theme, provided I’m really beast heavy, the Shaman has its place.  It does compete with Janissa when taking Runeshapers, and it sometimes competes with a Chronicler, who can make Runeshapers hit hard.


I tried to keep it simple. I know the preferred method is to use bold colors with lots of contrast and “pop,” but I get tired of that. I actually like subdued tones, a bit of camouflage, and natural shading without over emphasis of edges. I figure if it isn’t detail that I can’t see a hundred yards away in real life, then it shouldn’t need to be visible on a 3 inch model at 4 feet away.

Before painting, I needed to reattach the staff head to the fist.  I used a tiny drill bit in my new Black and Decker, a nail with the head removed, and Gorilla Super Glue Gel.

Vallejo paints are my weapon of choice.  I love their consistency on the wet palette. I started with some cheap rustoleum primer, colored blue on one, green on the other. I built up blue skin with UK pru blue and Andrea blue, set down the initial leather with German camo medium brown, and lightened the lighter areas with beige brown and light brown.

I figured the trinkets are made of rock, so they are primarily basalt , along with the rock like axe blade. Metal is bronze atop a uunder layer of gunmetal that I tried to two brush blend. White was mixed with the Andrea blue on the palette, and applied to the icicles, eyes, teeth and spiny beard.

Lastly, I tried to add some detail to the wood, using woodgrain transparency.

I attempted to complete in one evening, so dedicated two hours per model. They are finished except for the base. I plan on doing a mass basing of several models on the weekend, so they will get completed before my next tournament.



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