Night Troll

The Night Troll looks so cool.  For his paint job, I started with blue spray primer (Rustoleum), layered Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue mixed 2:1 with Black, washed with black and highlighted again with Dark Prussian Blue (straight this time).

The ropes and loincloth were Leather Brown over the black wash, US Grey for the stones, and initially Ivory for the spines, teeth, claws and eyes.  I went over the Ivory with Verdigris Glaze and went over his tongue and veins with the same.

An hour for this guy. I will work his base later.  Some flocking, base markings, and he will be tabletop ready.


71.047 US Grey

70.832 Verdigris Glaze

70.899 Dark Prussian Blue

70.862 Black