Nephilim Soldier

I’m not currently playing Legion of Everblight, but when I get a good deal on an attractive looking model, I tend to buy it.  Legion models look pretty amazing, in my opinion.  They’re the Hordes elves, mostly, but have been corrupted.  So rather than mystical space robot warjacks, these elves seem inspired by H.R. Giger’s aliens.

The good, the bad…

From the troll player perspective, I am a little jealous of this guy.  I want this amazingly fast, flying, eyeless sight, a single weapon with 2″ reach, P&S 15 on a charge, warjack/warbeast column picking MAT 7 monster in my army!

I just want to point out that Legion has a ton of heavy hitting melee warlocks that would love to go surfing through a unit.  This 9 pointer (NINE POINTER!!!) gives access to overtake for 1 Fury!

The Ugly

Vallejo model color

  • 70.851 bright orange
  • 70.875 beige brown
  • 70.950 black
  • 70.864 natural steel
  • 70.955 flat flesh
  • 70.802 sunset red

Over brown primer, washed orange, drybrushed blend of beige brown and black.  Topped off with straight black on the bone protrusions.

Steel armor and swords.  Red inscriptions.  Flesh for the straps.

Easy peasy.  Two hours means it was a speed paint for me. Basing will come later.