More Jarl Skuld

Jarl the Impaler

I’ve been arguing the merit of the Impaler. Is it worth its points? Should you take it or the Bomber?  What the heck is the Impaler used for?

On that note, for my first game in a month, I decided to load up with lots of Impalers in a list and see what they can do with minimal warlock involvement.

The list

War Room Army

Trollblood – Jarl impaler

Theme: The Power of Dhunia

3 / 3 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army

Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood – WB: +30

–    Troll Impaler – PC: 11 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)

–    Troll Impaler – PC: 11 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)

–    Troll Impaler – PC: 11 (Battlegroup Points Used: 8)

–    Troll Impaler – PC: 11

–    Night Troll – PC: 7

–    Dire Troll Mauler – PC: 15

–    Troll Axer – PC: 10

Troll Whelps – 5 Whelps: 0

Janissa Stonetide – PC: 0

Troll Whelps – 5 Whelps: 0

Northkin Shaman – PC: 4

Northkin Shaman – PC: 4

Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9

–    Stone Scribe Elder – PC: 3

Trollkin Runeshapers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 9

THEME: The Power of Dhunia

GENERATED : 04/07/2017 09:32:47

BUILD ID : 2036.17-02-03

So many lights

Four Impalers in the list.  Axer and Night Troll?  A Mauler.  How am I going to handle Fury?  Can I fuel the stone?  Are upkeeps worth anything?  What happens when I throw into armor?

So if Jarl doesn’t shunt fury to the stone, he can cast 3 magic bullets, but doesn’t get to boost anything.  The Mauler and the stone get the Impalers up to 14 POW,  with 17 POW up close.

I figure I’ll play the Impalers close enough to the stone to take advantage of the strength bonus and hang Mauler back as a late game piece.  The shaman duo can help screen outside of my feat turn, and hopefully take care of Infantry.  Night Troll is in there for movement shenanigans.

Battle vs Skorne

My favorite Skorne opponent scheduled a game, and I almost immediately built a Doomshaper list to test it’s anti Hordes capabilities.  Insanity prevailed however, and I ran with Jarl and the Impalers.

His list was beast heavy, something like this:

War Room Army

Skorne – Heavy-duty

Theme: No Theme Selected

75 / 75 Army

Beast Master Xekaar – WB: +31

–    Titan Cannoneer – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)

–    Titan Sentry – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 14)

–    Titan Gladiator – PC: 15

–    Cyclops Brute – PC: 8

Tyrant Zaadesh – PC: 4

–    Bronzeback Titan – PC: 18

–    Tiberion – PC: 22

Paingiver Beast Handlers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 7

Scenario was a mosh pit with no flags.  It meant Jarl was about to get crushed.  The battlefield consisted of a terraced volcanic Temple with limited access to the pit.

I went second, and since he deployed to his right, I also deployed the majority to my right, with the exception of the Runeshapers.   I started with upkeeps running and loaded the stone.  Quicken on night troll.  Weald Secrets was unnecessary,  since there was no cover or rough terrain.

Dig those funky fog effects?

Turn 2, I was able to pop Jarl’s smoke.  In the photo, Runeshapers are off to the left, out of frame, the Champ is proxy for a second shaman, and troll Moses and the storyteller are filling in for two stone keepers.

I ended up playing the Mauler further up field than intended.  We discussed some rules, and Skorne decided to experiment with trampling through smoke clouds.  A lot of Fury went into almost killing the night troll.  Whelps rained down and helped things not hit the trolls.

In the previous photo, the Skorne beasts are actually facing toward my side of the table.  Skorne pops feat so I can’t do much on my turn.  The 12 inches range is exactly the thing to prevent any of my dudes from hitting.

I try anyway, pulling the Brute away with the night troll, but not affecting the sentry… but now that I read the card I realize I had him confused with Mr. Tibbs.  Dammit.  I could have gotten some good shots in with Jarl at 16″.

Fair enough.

I moved Mauler off to the right, and started flanking with an Impaler.  A shaman cleared 3 paingivers.

Skorne retaliated by killing night troll, killing the shaman, taking out two stone guys, trying to kill Janissa (who toughs twice).  Slams Mauler off the platform, follows up and leaves him with 5 HP.  Camps 2 fury and hides near the Brute.

Mauler activates, heals, rages the Impaler, attacks and gets the free throw on the titan.  I actually forgot to put a KD chip on Mauler, but I ended up not boosting a damage roll anyway, so the fury worked out… it did it?  Whatever.  In retrospect,  I may have gunned it up due to the elevation question.  Can you blame me? It’s been a month.

The Titan action didn’t matter anyway.  Just needed rage.  Shaman goes for the spray, misses or does little damage. Runeshapers try to take out the little warlock first, and I roll a crit.  Boom!  The whole lot of them fall down, since the Brute didn’t have his animus running, nor did the lock take advantage of it.

Impaler charges, does damage, shunted, but leaves the warlock open to a well placed double shot from Jarl.


Impalers work well as defensive pieces.  They mess up charging.  In concert with clouds, the opponent is forced to either use ranged attacks or to trample up then buy attacks.  That is less fury efficient than charging.  When faced with taking Impaler Spears from 8-12″ away, the trample option is more viable, but costs fury.

I think for Jarl, while stalling for a good assassination (almost never on his own), the Impalers help vital pieces live longer, and make the opponent worry about getting heavies upfield.  They also pose their own assassination angles to further pressure your opponent.

From a Skorne perspective,  we were both surprised to see the Mauler live through the titan attack.  We ran some numbers, and realized that the slam vs charge hindered Skorne’s ability to deal damage.  Boosting the damage rolls when doing nearly straight dice was also a bad idea.  Boosting gave 1 additional die, but using that point of Fury to buy another attack would yield 2 dice.

Also, trolls like to knock things down, so if you have an ability to prevent that, use it.

My next Jarl list will look a little different.  I’m including a Bomber for more offensive thrust.  I also really like the Blitzer for the swift hunter/dual attack synergy.  Fear my extra 6″ move… if I get lucky.