Minion Friendly Trollblood Warlocks

Trollblood with Minions?

Yes.  With the themes of Mk3, and the tendency of Trollbloods to be outright racist, the internet seems to have forgotten that some minions will actually work for Trollbloods.  Unfortunately,  no minions, not even the trollkin or adoptive trollkin models are partisan.  That means we can’t apply feats or spells that specify “Friendly Faction” models.

What to we do with that limitation?  We min-max.  Which warlocks work best with minions in their army?  Do we have any warlocks that actually make minions a good choice?  How do we fit these potentially powerful sell-swords into our forces?

Pro-minion Warlocks

These warlock actually have abilities that support minions in addition to their own Trollblood forces.

Borka Kegslayer

Not exactly the first warlock I think of when I look for a mixed force.  Wind wall affects any model completely within 3″ of Borka.  He can prevent a few medium or small-based buddies from falling to non-magical ranged attacks.  Wind wall is not an upkeep spell, so if you have a minion with a gun, activate the minion first, move and shoot, then move Borka up to provide some protection.

Minions who benefit

Any medium or small based minion who doesn’t want to get shot by a sniper.  Preferably one who can do some shooting on their own, like Alten Ashley.

Borka, Vengeance of the Rimshaws (Borka2)

I always figured Borka 2 for a big battlegroup,  Power of Dhunia warlock.  But he can be so much more.  Hopefully the Wills won’t let his functionality get ruined by the CID.

While none of Borka’s spells do anything for friendly models, his feat totally does… and is amazing with certain choices.  The Ice Storm provides stealth to all models, and when a friendly model with cold resistance is hit by a melee attack, the enemy model freezes.

Minions who benefit

Anyone with cold resistance, preferably with some boxes of health.  This is why Brun Cragback and Lug are often taken.  Lug also has countercharge, and knocks things down.  Borka’ s bear enjoys a knocked down treat, doing extra damage with trash.

Lanyssa Ryssyl enjoys the stealth, and is a target juicy enough for a player to consider letting one of his guys freeze in order to kill her.  I’d like to see one of those Menoth monks who are stupid hard to hit take the bait during an Ice Storm.  Trolls love Hunter’s Mark, and the boosted rolls vs Legion are fun.

Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller (Grissel1)

Grissel has one spell that affects friendly warbeasts.  Under Guardian Protector,  if a friendly Trollblood warrior model is destroyed within 5″, it gets to advance 3″ and maje a melee attack.   This gives the enemy reason to pause before taking out a screening warrior model.

Minions who benefit

Any minion warlock/warbeast tag team.  Brun & Lug, Dahlia & Skarath, Rorsh & Brine, Wrong Eye & Snapjaw.

Ragnor Skysplitter

Pulverizer works on friendly models! Load up with some minor warlocks, character beasts, solos who want an extra 2 POW and beat back.

Minions who benefit

Any minion/warlock tag team.

Snapjaw with a POW 20 bite? 11 inch threat with beat back and 4 fury?  Wow.

Totem hunter wouldn’t mind +2 POW.  With Prey, it is a POW 18.  Bull, from Blythe & Bull would get a POW 15, but already has beat back on his sword.

Because it says friendly model, you could use Raluk Moorclaw’s marshalled jack as a target.  The Rover would end up with assault from Raluk,  then a POW 19 axe, and 15 shield.  With a bit of planning, the Mariner could pull off an assault, thresher at POW 19, beat back.  It has amphibious,  so may be a candidate for a Sea King list?

Don’t forget marshalled jacks get +2 to charge attack rolls when charging. If they’re already there, then they can Crush for +2 damage as well.   So even the non ranged jacks could do well under Raluk with Ragnor.


Hopefully this short foray into list building with minions mixed into the Trollblood regulars has you thinking about alternatives to Power of Dhunia and Band of Heroes.   Minions that don’t directly benefit from our warlocks and warlocks who don’t directly support minions should be looked into for unexpected synergy.  Don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t seen played before.  You may stumble on the next OP list.