Mine Entrance

Inspired by the Crossroads of Courage Narrative League, I took a couple hours to throw together a piece of scatter terrain for the campaign.

I started with quarter inch plywood for the base. On large pieces, I do not recommend the ply. It warps. For smaller models, the warping doesn’t seem to be a problem. Time will tell.

I purchased a tunnel entrance from the model railroading section at our local Hobbytown USA. N scale. It was on sale for less than 10 bucks.

I had a pile of cut up foam left over from an earlier project. I positioned these and glued them with Elmer’s glue. They just needed to form the base of a rocky mound.

Next, I added spackle from a tub I bought last spring. I filled in gaps and layed in some ground for flocking to stick too.

Finally, I took it outside and sprayed grey, black-brown and brown paints. Then after a dusting with turf, stuck a tree in the top and called it a day.