Major Victoria Haley

So I’ve finished Major Victoria Haley to the best of my ability.  And as always, the Cannon shows me exactly what I need to improve upon.  I am really unhappy with having to detail out a face.  Faces are the worst.  I hate faces.  I haven’t got the right wash/eye/highlight techniques figured out.  I try to make sure the paints are thin enough, follow tutorials, etc.  All I can think is that if I keep practicing, maybe something will click.  I don’t know.

On my attempt at painting Haley, I tried to keep it simple.  Gold, Brown and Blue were the main colors used.  I ended up washing out the work I did on her face when I tried to highlight.  Oh well.  Next time.  Other than that, I think the model was fairly decent.  I think the pros call this table-quality?