Madrak2 vs Absylonia2

The third game of my recent travelling steamroller experience, my opponent presented a Fyanna 2 list and Absylonia 2 list.  I figured he would run the Absylonia list due to my many tough units.  The plethora of boostable warbeasts, along with her Alpha mat fixer and Grievous Wounds on her and the Scythean meant Calandra wouldn’ be much help. I would try to hit hard with the Raiders.

The game didn’t last very long.

Trolls got bunched up between terrain elements, and scenario requirements necessitated a play for the center.

An early feat after some slip stream movement gave the wasps a quick kill on all the Raiders, as well as Valka.  They never stood a chance. They were something like MAT 9-11 with 2″ reach, overtake, berserk, and buying 4 attacks in addition to their 4 initials. Lame.

I tried to push in with Champions and Madrak.

And the Legion responded by killing the champs, dragging Madrak in and killing him.

This was my error.  I thought the tentacle thing was a special attack, and didn’t Grim Salvation it off to the Krielstone Bearer or Runebearer.  I also didn’t realize it was melee attack, not ranged.  So he could have kept buying it anyway, and it wouldn’ matter since the thing has Grievous Wounds.

Oh well.  Not much I can do against that, I suppose, except not run troops.

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