Hunters Grim vs Supreme Archdomina Makeda

WTF was that!!!???

It’s been a while since I was so shut out of a game.  But it happened.  I got two turns.  Skorne won on the top of turn three.

Here are the lists.

War Room Army

Theme: The Power of Dhunia

3 / 3 Free Cards 73 / 75 Army

Hunters Grim – WB: +25

– Muggs & Krump

– Trollkin Runebearer – PC: 0

– Storm Troll – PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)

– Dire Troll Bomber – PC: 19 (Battlegroup Points Used: 16)

– Dire Troll Blitzer – PC: 16

– Dire Troll Bomber – PC: 19

– Dire Troll Mauler – PC: 15

Troll Whelps – 5 Whelps: 0

Janissa Stonetide – PC: 0

Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes – Leader & 3 Grunts: 6

– Stone Scribe Elder – PC: 3

Dhunian Knot – Leader & 2 Grunts: 6

Farrow Bone Grinders – Leader & 3 Grunts: 5

THEME: The Power of Dhunia

GENERATED : 10/01/2017 18:04:10

BUILD ID : 2050.17-09-10

I thought Grim could handle armor and have some game into tough stuff.  The bone grinders were there to give a couple extra inches on Mortality.   What a waste.

War Room Army

Skorne – makeda2 masters of war

Theme: Masters of War

3 / 3 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Supreme Archdomina Makeda – WB: +27

– Basilisk Krea – PC: 7 (Battlegroup Points Used: 7)

– Cyclops Brute – PC: 8 (Battlegroup Points Used: 8)

– Titan Gladiator – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 12)

Tyrant Rhadeim – PC: 9

– Tyrant Rhadeim (Continued)

Praetorian Swordsmen – Leader & 9 Grunts: 13

– Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4

Praetorian Swordsmen – Leader & 9 Grunts: 13

– Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 0

Legends of Halaak – Valgesh, CIdaar & J’Deth: 8

Paingiver Beast Handlers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 5

Praetorian Ferox – Leader & 4 Grunts: 20

Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer – Tyrant & Bearer: 0

Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer – Tyrant & Bearer: 0

THEME: Masters of War

GENERATED : 10/01/2017 18:23:10

BUILD ID : 2050.17-09-10

Skorne has quite the Band of Heroes… or Masters of War, I mean.  They’ve got the same Remove From Play (RFP) ability, but instead of +2″ deployment, they have +1 to starting roll.  The army is so fast, it doesn’t need the +2″, and going first means they pretty much own circle zones.

Owning zones seems to be key to winning now.  Skorne can start at 7″, and Makeda can use Dash for an extra inch.  The Praetorian swordsmen are running 14″ and the Tyrant Commander can give them another 2″.  An 18″ run?  Is that right?  Nope.

[EDIT ] The Trollblood Facebook group was good enough to catch my error here.  The Tyrant Commander card says Push to the Limit hands out +2 SPD on a Full Advance.

Remember, during the Normal Movement, you can do one of these things: Forfeit Normal Movement, Aim, Full Advance, Run, Charge.

So the swords can pick up speed from Makeda on the run, but not the commander.  In my game, the commander was handing out Pathfinder on turn 1, for moving through forest and rough terrain.  [END EDIT]

That puts those buggers firmly in the zone.  The front line sits 21″ on turn one.  I could have actually ran up, but I didn’t.  I would like to run this game again for a second assessment.

Enough theory.

Turn 1

In this game, Skorne did go first.  They did some running, and swarmed both circles while holding back a contingent of swordsmen.

Mirage moved up a bomber, Grim powered up the stone, and the two bombers killed a couple of swordsmen.

Turn 2

Skorne engaged my poor trolls.

The swordsmen used their power swell, hitting my ARM 20 Bomber and Blitzer with 4d6 charge attack damage rolls at POW 20.  They really put the hurt on when pushed.  I almost lost the Bomber when the Ferox attacked.

My turn two wasn’t so good.  Bomber apparitionned away from the swords, ate some whelps, and bombed two Ferox, catching a sword in the blast.

The Runebearer tried to cast Mortality,  but DEF 13 means rolling a 7.  I feel like I should have taken a Northkin Shaman for a cold spray instead.

Grim moves up to keep from scoring kill box,  feats, shoots a Ferox, spends 4 to cast Mortality on the paimted swords, hoping to get the officer so the unit can’t swell.  I try to get the trolls up-field to contest some zones.  No Pathfinder makes me sad.  Should have taken Earthborn rather than the second bomber, I suppose.

Oh well, it was a valiant effort, but at the end of my turn Skorne goes to two points.

Turn 3

Skorne kills the Mauler.  Kills Janissa.  Ends game 5-0.


It’s games like this that really make me question my skill level.  I thought I made a good deployment decision, thinking I could take the right circle and rectangle.  I had no idea Skorne was so fast.

Even if I had gone central with beasts to each side, I would have struggled to take down the charging swords.  I also couldn’t handle the rough terrain everywhere.  Pathfinder isn’t really an option for the already slow moving trolls… It’s a necessity.

Maybe Grim2 can work with Power of Dhunia (PoD), but not like this… and certainly not into a fast list with hard hitting units.

[EDIT] Probably going to try again, with some more guns. [END EDIT].