How Kho-Te Gum-Khet died

Kho-Te’s career started out well enough.  He led the “Broken Teeth” adventuring group consisting of two half-orcs (a barbarian and a sorcerer) through Wati during the lotteried expeditions into the necropolis.  See Paizo’s Mummy’s Mask adventure path for more information on the story and setting.

Kho-Te’s success looked assured.  He had two good “half-human” friends, as he called them, and had made another “half-human” friend in the half-elf rogue, Adori.  Although she was from another adventuring party, the Scorched Hand, he openly flirted with her in hopes of luring another member to his band.  Unfortunately, they would never meet again after their shared drinks in Wati’s busiest tavern.   His party cleared the tomb of Akhemet easily enough, returning with their spoils, and being chosen to explore the House of Penthru.  That lottery draw doomed Kho-Te and the Broken Teeth.

A strange spirit manifested almost immediately after the Broken Teeth entered the compound.  The haunt confused the barbarian, Ozzy, who attacked and nearly killed Nesty the Sorcerer.  She cleared her mind enough to dismantle a pair of walking skeletons while Kho-Te dragged Nesty to safety.  Kho-Te stabilized Nesty, then returned to Ozzy, who stood babbling to herself in the hall surrounded by bones.  Ozzy began to hit herself repeatedly with the broad side of her axe while the skeletons reassembled themselves.  Kho-Te fled to the yard, looking for a way to set the skeletons to a proper rest.  Shortly after beginning his search, a huge two-headed dog jumped from its hiding place in a nearby shed.  As Kho-Te fought the rotting hound, Ozzy entered into the yard, her mind apparently lucid.  Kho-Te passed out from his wounds, and Ozzy quickly fought back the beast, forcing it to reconsider its attack. She hoisted Kho-Te to her shoulders, planning to find Nesty and heal them both.  Sadly, her madness returned, and repeatedly struk herself in the head with Kho-Te’s unconscious body.  She eventually bludgeoned herself into unconsciousness.  The two-headed dog returned and feasted on the corpses of Ozzy and Kho-Te.  Inside the house, a floating undead head slew Nesty, who also became a floating undead head.

Nobody was ever sent to investigate, so Kho-Te and the Broken Teeth became permanent residents of the necropolis of Wati.

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