Hill with a drop

I really like terrain.  I enjoy making terrain, and I think it makes the game more challenging and enjoyable.  I do not shy away from custom terrain, and still think Steamroller rules are a little restrictive.  Not being able to place a wall on top of a hill?

Okay, I admit that Steamroller is a special case, and terrain needs to be standardized to keep certain crazy combos from skewing a match.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t get a little crazy at the LGS during a friendly match, right?  That is where custom terrain shines!

Let’s take a look at this combo hill/wall.


This custom terrain piece is both a natural and man-made object on the battlefield, and so qualifies as a terrain feature.

The hill/wall consists of two walls meeting at a right angle.  A dune blew up against the fence and has since grown over with grass and weeds.  The grass is short, presumably due to a grazing animal.

The sloped sides are open terrain.  The hill grants elevation.  The top of the hill is almost 2″ tall.  If one were to draw an imaginary line connecting the two ends of the fence that don’t meet, making a triangle, I would say anything completely within that triangle is 2″ high, and everything elsewhere on the hill is 1″ high.

That means if I’m drawing LOS from a model on the top of the hill to something on the other side of my guys on the bottom of the hill, I can ignore the intervening model unless they are within 1″ of my target (page 82).

The 2″ height may cause problems for small based models trying to melee across the fence.  Remember to measure range using model volume.

The fences are obstructions to models who are not on the hill.  To anything on the hill, the fences are obstacles.  If you aren’t on the hill, the 2″ tall fences can give you a cover bonus if your model is within 1″.  The fence also blocks LOS to models that are small based and on the ground.  Models on the hill might not get the LOS blocking, since they are rising above the fence.  Use elevation and volume rules per page 38 for models fighting across the fence.

Being pushed off the hill across the fence will result in falling damage (page 35).  The falling model will become knocked down and take a POW 12 damage roll.

To keep it simple, think of this as a 1″ hill on top of another 1″ hill, with a wall on one end that is 2″ tall for models not on the hill, but pretty much nonexistent for the models on the hill.